Manufacturers Adopting Demand-Driven Practices Benefit from Better Customer and Supplier Relationships

New Synchrono white paper demonstrates how a more predictable and reliable environment is achieved through pull-based eKanban systems.

St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

Synchrono, a leader in demand-driven manufacturing software, today issued a new white paper addressing a key challenge faced by today’s manufacturing leaders: how to create a more predictable environment that instills customer confidence and greater visibility across the supply chain.

The new white paper, Gaining Confidence: Syncing Supplier Delivery to Customer Deman d, explores the link between demand/pull-based Kanban systems that enable manufacturers to be more responsive to customer needs. And, conversely, the customer confidence that results from greater reliability and consistent on-time deliveries. The connection also extends to the supplier-manufacturer relationship with greater visibility and automated replenishment communications.

Targeted towards manufacturing operations and supply chain professionals, Gaining Confidence: Syncing Supplier Delivery to Customer Demand provides insight on how to:

  •     Optimize demand signals and reduce the reliance on forecasts
  •     Use proactive demand management as a competitive differentiator
  •     Streamline supplier communications and free buyers to work on strategic sourcing initiatives

Gaining Confidence is the third in a series of papers exploring the nature of Pull-based manufacturing systems and specifically, Kanban systems. The focus of the first edition, Gaining Control: Exploring Push v. Pull Manufacturing, was at the system, or workflow level. Gaining Clarity: Driving Productivity, Flow and Profit with Data that Matters explored Kanban systems from a management perspective, detailing the decision-making power gained through deeper access to real time data and analytics. The fourth paper will review Pull/Kanban systems from competitive standpoint.

More information, including a video that explains how the Synchrono eKanban solution, SyncKanban, works, is available at


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