Ex Rocket Internet team launches Tubett, a gamified social video curation platform where you can challenge your friends in predicting viral videos

Up to now you could only like, comment or share a YouTube video, now you can back it!

Dublin, Ireland (PRWEB) May 23, 2014

An Ex-Rocket Internet team is challenging the public to beat their friends at predicting the virality of YouTube videos. Tubett allows users who currently like, comment or share videos to back them in a new fun stock market platform that will gamify video watching together with social curation for the very first time. Think of it like a gamified Pinterest for videos

“YouTube videos are watched over 4 billion times a day,” said Achman Srivastava, the co-founder of Tubett. “Over 100 million people interact with these videos socially each week. What we are doing is to transform these actions into a game.”

Tubett enables its players, or “TubeTrenders”, to purchase virtual stock and back the videos that they believe are about to take off virally. The value of that stock fluctuates in proportion to the video’s popularity (number of daily views). Players have followers, rankings and leader-boards and soon will be able to create groups/ leagues for their school, workplace etc.

“When we launched foodpanda, backed by Rocket Internet, it taught us how to execute and scale businesses rapidly,” said Mr. Srivastava. “Tubett is the only platform currently out there in video gamification that can achieve similar levels of growth with an already existing group of devotees. The TubeTrender community is crying out for this kind of gamification. Just liking isn’t enough for them; it never has been.”

The fantasy market phenomenon is not a new concept, with platforms like HSX and fantasy football being popular examples. Tubett is combining social, video and gamification to tap into fantasy stocks and the unending craze for viral video content. Graduating from Ireland’s top startup accelerator, the NDRC Launchpad, Tubett will follow this public beta of its web version with the launch of mobile apps this summer.

About us:
Tubett is gamifying video watching and social curation by creating a stock market game of YouTube videos. In the game, every video has a virtual stock and the price of the stock fluctuates based on the video popularity. Players can purchase virtual stocks and back the videos that they believe are about to take off virally. Users follow their social network connections and other internet influencers in the game, to discover popular videos. Tubett is based out of Dublin and backed by Irelands leading startup accelartor, NDRC Launchpad.



Ex Rocket internet team launches stock market game on YouTube videos, think gamified Pinterest for video. Achman and Sumit

Creators of Tubett, gamified social video curation platform.