Requestec Wins 'Ready Now' Award at WebRTC Expo in Atlanta

Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), the world's leading business to business and integrated marketing media company in the communications and technology space, today announced Requestec as winners of the Ready Now Award at the 2013 WebRTC Expo in Atlanta, USA.

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 2 July 2013

This week, Atlanta, USA played host to the leading names in WebRTC technology at The WebRTC Conference & Expo. An opportunity for networking, learning and the showcasing of new products, the expo also hosted a friendly competition between 37 companies demonstrating their ideas to a panel of expert judges and a voting audience. Requestec were delighted to be awarded the prize for most ready solution for market. Shortly after the announcement, co-founder and CTO, Ben Weekes said in a statement, "It was interesting to discover that we are the only company capable of RTMFP, Adobe's high quality Flash telephony protocol, to WebRTC calling. This means we can provide calling, conferencing and recording of calls, cross-browser today. There was great interest in our platform and our production-ready mobile apps for businesses to engage with their customers on iOS and Android. Whilst Microsoft and Apple dither over whether to join the WebRTC movement, the only option for no-download voice and video communications in their Internet Explorer and Safari browsers is Adobe's Flash. Requestec has bridged the gap between WebRTC and Flash UDP to allow high quality telephony across all browsers."

Requestec were awarded the prize off the back of a live demonstration of its WebRTC MCU and recent news announcing the world's first video-enabled customer service solution on behalf of Akbank in Turkey and the deployment of Saypage, its turnkey video appointments platform, on behalf of the UK's National Health Service. "Requestec received the Getting Real With WebRTC Ready Now award because the demo was a mature implementation of WebRTC, it operated well and was based on real-world implementations for specific vertical applications," noted Phil Edholm of PKE Consulting. "By extending existing video capabilities with WebRTC, Requestec is enhancing the customer experience."

For the demonstration, Requestec used one of its gateways which was not connected to the internet in any way. This in itself demonstrated complete control over the technology which includes DNS, STUN & TURN components and showed no external dependencies which is very important from both a support and also an information security perspective giving rise to military, HIPAA and ISO27001 compliant deployments.

Reaching in excess of 3.5 million readers worldwide each month, TMC succeeded in bringing together the biggest names in WebRTC, including among others, Ericsson, Mozilla and Google. With the buzz surrounding WebRTC beginning to reach fever pitch, many people believe WebRTC is going to be a major game-changer in how the Internet enables people to work, communicate and play.

In essence, WebRTC puts a standard media engine into the browser or within other client devices or apps. It is an open framework that provides the fundamental components for delivering high-quality real-time communications (RTC) via the Web. Whilst their remains much work to be done in standardizing the protocol, a huge number of companies are springing up in this exciting area of development, to bring WebRTC-enabled solutions to market.

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About Requestec:

Requestec has been delivering Video Calling, Conferencing and IVR software solutions since 2005. Through our flagship product, the Zenon Real-Time Communications Gateway, we connect users on the web, and on iOS and Android devices, to services and agents in high quality live video and audio. We embrace the open standards surrounding video calling from H.323 and SIP through to HTML5, Flash and WebRTC, and provide development, consultancy and integration services to financial institutions, healthcare providers, educators and telecoms operators around the globe.