A New Way of Thinking: Dianne Collins, QuantumThink® Creator, Launches Entertaining Experiential Online Course, “Master Your Mind, Master Your Life”

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8x Award-winning Author Introduces Life-changing 28-day Video Masterclass

Dianne Collins, 8x award-winning author and creator of QuantumThink

While I have been a consultant to the rich and famous for many years, it was time to create a program that is available to serve any person on the planet that is interested in bettering his or her life—all for the cost of a movie night!

Dianne Collins—award-winning author, speaker and esteemed higher consciousness visionary to the rich and famous—is the dazzling creator of the groundbreaking proprietary QuantumThink® system, featuring 21 life-changing principles that help people achieve greater self-awareness and higher consciousness for unprecedented success in all areas of their lives. Her popular book, Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking that Will Rock Your World (SelectBooks, Inc.), is an 8x award-winning bestseller that offers tangible solutions to inner serenity, relationships, business and global affairs. To bring her mind-blowing philosophies and practices to a worldwide audience, Collins has created a 4-week Masterclass, “Master Your Mind, Master Your Life.” The 28-day video course can be purchased online via diannecollins.com for only $25.00.

Collins says, “I’m all about teaching quantum theories with an entertaining and upbeat flair! This ageless spiritual wisdom reveals the role of the mind in our modern age—and it brings me immense joy to infuse loads of humor and fun into what can be seen as an intellectual topic.”

She adds, “While I have been a consultant to the rich and famous for many years, it was time to create a program that is available to serve any person on the planet that is interested in bettering his or her life—all for the cost of a movie night!”

As one of the foremost thought leaders of our time and a leading authority in “new world view” thinking, Collins uses humor, wit and entertaining stories to convey her teachings. Her personal journey features a wide range of experiences—from receiving the teachings of enlightened masters to partying with rock stars and the jet set. This has given her a big picture view on life and the ability to present her philosophies to people of all ages, cultures and perspectives.

Renowned quantum physicist and author, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, who appeared in both “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know,” says, “Dianne Collins has fully felt the quantum impact and has dedicated her life to teaching others basic principles that solve old problems with a new way of thinking—her QuantumThink® system.”

As Strategic QuantumThink® Consultants, Collins and her husband and business partner, Alan Collins, have provided QuantumThink® online programs for thousands of people worldwide. They have served senior executives in the world’s leading corporations, such as AT&T, Accenture, Dupont and CNN, as well as celebrities, artists and entrepreneurs.

Collins says, “In a rapidly changing world, my system helps people easily connect with and ignite their own genius to master whatever they want in every area of their lives.”

The QuantumThink® Story
Years ago, Collins made a critical discovery about what shapes our thinking, making sense of our dramatically changing times in a seemingly nonsensical world. Why do national leaders and all of us appear to be “thinking” and making decisions that don’t sync with what we truly aspire to and desire?

In short, the answer she found is that we are in a Quantum Age using Industrial Age thinking, and it’s not working.

Collins shows us how we can make the literal quantum leap in consciousness with “Awakened Thinking” or QuantumThink®— a new way of thinking “for mastering effectiveness in a changing world.”

Her proprietary system is reminiscent of other popular methods, such as The Secret, the Universal Law of Attraction, A Course in Miracles, Wayne Dyer’s teachings, and many more—yet it goes beyond them all. When asked what makes her system different, she explains, “This is an experiential path to immediate self-awareness. Once you go through my course or read my book, you will have already made the shift.”

A Simple Upgrade

What if your thinking was as up-to-date as your technology?

Collins’ system takes us from the machine age to the digital age and updates our human operating system—the mind. She has changed the lives of many through her “mind over matter” practices that help people achieve unlimited success.

The 28-day “Master Your Mind, Master Your Life” course is designed with clarity that focuses on four key areas that people think about throughout life—regardless of age, status or culture:

  • Week 1: Mastering the 5 Natural Faculties of Mind
  • Week 2: Mastering High Quality Relationships
  • Week 3: Mastering A Conscious Relationship with Money
  • Week 4: Mastering Living Your Purpose

In Week 1 of the course, you will learn why mastering the Five Natural Faculties of Mind (Intent, Intuition, Subtle Energy, Resonance and Meditation) is the missing link to accomplishing all your desires with relationships, money and the true meaning of living your purpose.

As the holidays approach, this online course is the gift that keeps on giving and is perfect for those who are looking to take hold of their future in a major way. Collins wants everyone, everywhere to access their power to create consciously to have the life they desire.

For more information on Dianne Collins or to purchase the course, please visit diannecollins.com or http://www.diannecollins.com/masterclass.

About Dianne Collins
Dianne Collins is an 8x award-winning author (Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking that Will Rock Your World), speaker and popular media personality who has been interviewed on more than 500 radio and TV shows. Her new system of thinking, QuantumThink®, allows people to master effectiveness in a changing world. In 2014, Collins was a recipient of the Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs Award. As a featured blogger on The Huffington Post, she declared what she named “the Consciousness Crowd” as “The New Mainstream,” and it went viral. She was the keynote at the International Enneagram Association; featured speaker at a special event hosted in her honor by the University of Miami Alumni Association, and was invited to present in the prestigious lecture series of Florida International University’s Program in the Study of Spirituality, along with distinguished speakers, including His Holiness The Dalai Lama. She works with her husband and business partner, Alan Collins, as a Strategic QuantumThink® Consultant to senior executives in the world’s leading corporations (AT&T, Accenture, CNN, IBM, McKinsey, Dupont, Telstra and USA Federal Executive Institute), as well as to celebrities, artists and entrepreneurs. The Collins’ new online program, “Master Your Mind, Master Your Life” is available at http://www.diannecollins.com/masterclass.

About QuantumThink®
QuantumThink® multi award-winning and bestselling author Dianne Collins and QuantumThink® Master Coach Alan Collins are high performance consultants that give people a new experiential way of thinking—based on Quantum Theory—that elevates consciousness, expands minds and creates massive life shifts. Through the Collins' writing, online programs and media appearances, they teach 21 proprietary quantum-based principles for self-awareness that take people from limited thinking to a system of unlimited thinking and infinite possibility. The result is a new way of life where by tapping into Universal Truths/Laws, people get into the flow and experience the magic of life with a deeper richness and more success in all areas. Clients have included Accenture, AT&T, CNN, DuPont, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, and McKinsey; agencies of the U.S. Government including National Partnership for Reinventing Government under Vice President Al Gore, Federal Executive Institute and the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense; as well as entrepreneurs, politicos, homemakers, students, celebrities and evolutionaries worldwide.


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