A Possible Solution to a 2,500 Year Old Unsolved Paradox has been Discovered

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If found true, this may have a significant impact on the study of logic and math and may open up new avenues of research. The author of the research is Jesse Bollinger, a computer programmer who also studies logic and mathematics.

An amateur mathematician, working outside of academia, may have just solved an ancient paradox whose solution has eluded humanity for more than two millennia, among other things of interest. Whether or not this is really true remains to be seen, however, as other experts have not yet weighed in or commented on the research.

The paradox in question is known as the Liar's Paradox and is a famous source of confusion in the study of logic. The Liar's Paradox can be stated in multiple synonymous ways, but one popular way is "A man says that he is lying. Is what he says true or false?". Take a moment to think about whether this statement is true or false and its paradoxical nature will soon become apparent to you.

This paradox is just one of multiple longstanding issues in logic and math that the above mentioned amateur mathematician, Jesse Bollinger, claims to have potentially discovered a way to circumvent in his research, which he has published recently in a book entitled "Unified Logic: How to Divide by Zero, Solve the Liar's Paradox, and Understand the Nature of Truth".

Besides the Liar's Paradox though, Jesse also may have discovered a new way of dealing with Russell's Paradox. The reason why this is significant is because the current foundation for most of higher level mathematics rests on something called the ZFC axioms, which are essentially just a system for avoiding Russell's Paradox. Jesse claims to have possibly discovered a way to handle Russell's Paradox without ZFC.

This new research also includes many other strange potentially noteworthy items, such as a claimed solution to how to divide by zero and also the creation of two new branches of logic, one of which Jesse claims is designed to unify many different currently separate branches of logic together into one more cohesive system, and many other miscellaneous (and sometimes, frankly, wildly unrelated) things.

The author can be contacted for more information by sending an email to "emailproxyj" on gmail.

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