Abatement Technologies® Reacts Quickly Overseas to Help Protect Against the Spread of MERS-CoV

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The spread of MERS-CoV in hospital settings in Korea and the Middle East reinforces the need for proactive infection control procedures being initiated and followed. Abatement Technologies portable HEPA filtration and negative pressure containment systems enable healthcare facilities to effectively create CDC compliant negative pressure Airborne Infectious Isolation Rooms (AIIR).

HEPA-CARE Portable Air Scrubbers Inside ER Treatment Rooms

HEPA-CARE Portable Air Scrubbers Inside ER Treatment Rooms

Highly mobile Abatement Technologies HEPA-CARE portable HEPA filtration systems are the number one choice of infection control specialists for creating surge capacity, negative pressure AIIR.

Mitigating the Risk of Airborne Infection to Healthcare Providers

With recent outbreaks of MERS-CoV in the Republic of Korea, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends continuation of strong disease control measures to help bring the outbreak to an end. (Manila, 13 June 2015 – WHO Recommends Continuation of Strong Disease Control Measures). Mitigating the spread of airborne infection as part of a quick response strategy is becoming more important than ever. Healthcare facilities are equipped with a limited number of Airborne Infectious Isolation Rooms (AIIR) to accommodate a normal level of patients requiring isolation. It is imperative that facilities have proper planning and resources giving them the ability to protect nurses, doctors, hospital staff and patients during outbreak conditions.

A four-day joint mission between the World Health Organization (WHO) and South Korean health officials to probe the recent MERS-CoV outbreak released a list of eleven recommendations to prevent further spread and to better prepare for future risks. The majority of these recommendations surround stronger isolation. They include:

  •     Early and thorough identification of all contacts
  •     Strong isolation and monitoring of contacts
  •     An increase in the number of negative-pressure rooms at hospitals

Products for Emergency Preparedness and Infectious Patient Isolation

Abatement Technologies proven and user-friendly infectious patient isolation products are used today in thousands of healthcare facilities around the world. With recent deployment of systems in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Abatement Technologies has helped control the spread of MERS-CoV to healthcare workers and the general population by creating proper containment environments within healthcare facilities not equipped to handle outbreak conditions. Abatement Technologies is in close communication with medical officials in South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to develop deployment and preparedness strategies that will help prevent further spread of infection from diagnosed patients.

HEPA-CARE® Portable HEPA Filtration Systems

Highly mobile Abatement Technologies HEPA-CARE portable HEPA filtration systems are the number one choice of infection control specialists for creating surge capacity, negative pressure AIIR. These lightweight units can be rolled easily and deployed quickly to wherever they are needed within the facility.

Click to learn more about Abatement's line of HEPA-CARE Portable Air Purification Units.

ISOQUAD® IQ810 Bed Isolation Module and PREDATOR® 750 Portable Air Scrubber

The ISOQUAD IQ810 Bed Isolation Module is an ultra-lightweight, pop-up tent that fits almost any hospital bed or gurney and can be deployed and fully operational within minutes. The design places an individual patient in a negative pressure infectious isolation mini-environment when used in conjunction with a portable air scrubber like the PREDATOR 750.

Click to learn more about Abatement's Patient Bed Isolation Enclosures.

Click to learn more about Abatement's PRED750 Portable Air Scrubber.

AIRE GUARDIAN® Modular Anteroom Transition Module

The AIRE GUARDIAN Modular Anteroom Transition Module is designed for fast deployment in the event of an emergency surge capacity patient isolation requirement. This mobile system installs in the corridor adjacent to the door into an AIIR and functions as an emergency airlock chamber.

Click to learn more about the AIRE GUARDIAN Anteroom Transition Module.

ANTE UP® Inflatable Emergency Anteroom

The portable ANTE UP HC7917 Inflatable Emergency Anteroom is a convenient solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities that need to erect emergency anterooms for patient rooms, corridors or flat space where infectious, surge-capacity patients are located.

Click to learn more about the ANTE UP Inflatable Emergency Anteroom.

About Abatement Technologies

For 30 years Abatement Technologies has led the way with innovative, effective and economical infection control solutions selected by more than 4,000 hospitals and other medical facilities around the world. Abatement Technologies product solutions offer easy-to-use, cost-effective negative pressure isolation of patients known or suspected to have infectious diseases, and for positive pressure protective environments for susceptible patients.

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