Abry Hearing Center of Cedar Rapids Offers Warnings about Hearing Loss from Fireworks

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Hearing damage is very real concern when shooting off or watching fireworks. Abry Hearing Center encourages everyone to enjoy fireworks safely on July 4th.

Abry Hearing Center in Cedar Rapids Fireworks Hearing Safety

Abry Hearing Center in Cedar Rapids Fireworks Hearing Safety

An exploding firework produces a noise in the range of 150 to 175 decibels. By way of comparison, a jet taking off 25 meters away also produces a noise in the range of 150 decibels. While no one would think of standing this close to a jet without excellent ear protection, very few people give the same consideration to protecting their hearing around fireworks. The result is a lot of unintended hearing damage that may not noticeably impact hearing until a later date and therefore may never be linked back to the fireworks display. The risk is particularly high for children, whose ear canals are smaller than adults resulting in greater internal ear pressure and louder perceived sounds.

Abry Hearing Center of Cedar Rapids IA encourages everyone to be safe while having fun this July 4th by observing some fireworks safety tips.

1. Watch the displays from a safe distance. For a firework that explodes at 170 decibels, stand at least 15 to 20 meters away. Children should stand 50 to 60 meters away from that same firework and infants should not be exposed to fireworks at all.

2. Use ear protection. Over-the-ear "muff" style headphones used by shooters are a good choice because they are specifically designed to block short duration, high volume sounds (such as gunshots and fireworks). Foam ear plugs that sit inside the ear are not as good as muffs, but are better than nothing. Look for the highest Noise Reduction Rating possible.

3. Get professional help for ear pain, hearing loss or ringing in the ears. Any change in hearing ability - whether immediately after the fireworks show or several days later - is cause for concern and a hearing test. A qualified hearing specialist will be able to assess your hearing and provide treatment options.

Fireworks are exciting, but dangerous too. While most fireworks safety advice focuses on preventing burns, the invisible damage to your hearing can have a greater impact on your future quality of life. Abry Hearing Center wishes everyone a safe 4th.

About Abry Hearing Center:
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