Ab Workouts are the Focus of a New System by BodyRipped.net

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Kyla Gagnon of BodyRipped is taking a new approach to ab workouts using smart abdominal training and a variety of new exercises.

Smart ab workouts are the new way to achieve fast and effective results.

Ab workouts and the dream of a flat tummy. Keeping them year round can sometimes seem as impossible as riding a unicorn into the sunset. Ab workouts come in all forms and with different twists, raises and crunches with promises of a lean sculpted belly.

Kyla Gagnon of BodyRipped has taken a new approach to ab workouts by including an element of stability as an anchor throughout her bodyweight workout system. Traditionally ab workouts consist of situps and a variety of crunches however Gagnon has set out to radically change how ab workouts are integrated into her new Totality A2X bodyweight workout system.

“Early beliefs were such that the function of the abdominal muscles was for the purpose of flexing the spine. Modern science revealed that the abdominal muscles are used for stabilizing. The spine rounding exercises of old, such as sit-ups and crunches are only one small component of effective ab workouts. Exercises such as the V-sit and ab activation during routine exercise will produce faster and more effective results.

The V-Sit is an excellent advanced exercise to add to your ab workouts. The prime movers are the rectus abdominus, obliques and hip flexors. Make sure to keep your abs tight to ensure strengthening of the transverse abdominus and pelvic floor muscles. Maintain strict control throughout the movement.

Other aspects of the Totality A2X bodyweight training system require activation of the abdominal muscles as you move through completing all of the bodyweight exercises. This is what is commonly referred to as smart abdominal training. This means using safe but very effective ab bodyweight exercises to ensure an improvement in everyday activities and functionality. It is vitally critical to activate your abdominals, not only during your ab workouts, but during all training. I have included a great video with some ab workouts here.”

Download the Totality Ab Workout program which includes a variety of ab workouts at http://BodyRipped.net

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