Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution With These 12 Successful Strategies

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Despite the fact that more New Year's resolutions are broken each year than any other goal, it is still exciting to open a brand new calendar and imagine the possibilities that lie ahead for the New Year. Let 2014 be different by discovering twelve helpful techniques that will make it easier to create an attainable New Year’s resolution.

New Year's Resolutions List

New Year's Resolution List

Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action. - Napoleon Hill

Most people rarely keep their New Year's resolutions. They either tend to be too ambitious or find it difficult to track their progress. Whatever the reason, achieving one’s goal is actually possible if the person has the right approach and mindset.

For a New Year's resolution to come to fruition, it has to be implementable. Create unstoppable momentum by making resolutions that lead to small, continuous victories.

Be honest. Don't decide on a particular resolution just because it’s trendy. Instead, focus on the types of changes that would make a difference. Want to lose weight? Quit smoking? Go back to school? Write a novel? Spend more time with the family? Track household expenses? Get rid of credit card debt? There are many goals to choose from, but whether big or small, it is important to first get started.

Here are 12 successful strategies to tackle the New Year's resolution:

1. Be Realistic
Sure one may want to lose 25 pounds in a week, but besides being unhealthy, it’s totally unrealistic. Instead, set realistic expectations for what is possible. Also, consider all environmental factors that may influence the success of the New Year’s resolution.

2. Break The Resolution into Achievable Tasks
Rather than focusing on one huge life-altering shift, opt for smaller, more manageable changes that are trackable and accomplished more easily. Instead of feeling pressured to write a book by the end of 2014, practice time management so that it is possible to write one chapter a week. The book will be finished in half the time.

3. Avoid the Same Old Resolutions
If one’s failed resolution is to lose 10 pounds year after year, it may be time to set a different resolution. Instead, resolve to exercise three times a week. This will accomplish the same results, but it will frame the weight loss goal in a different light.

4. Find A Role Model
Learn how others have successfully made the change that is desired. Doing so will help avoid pitfalls and build realistic expectations. Look for examples among family and friends or do an online search for inspirational stories.

5. Write Down Your Action Plan
Once the action steps are decided, then choose the order in which to implement them. Writing them down on paper helps with focus and intention.

6. Create a Vision Board
Imagine what it feels like to achieve the New Year’s resolution. Make a vision board with pictures, quotes and illustrations for inspiration. Spend a few minutes visualizing success so that goals can materialize easier and faster.

7. Positive Self-Talk
Banish any negative thinking! Always focus on the positive regardless of setbacks so that it gets embedded in the psyche.

8. Get an Accountability Partner
Broadcast any New Year resolution plans to family and friends and enlist the help of someone supportive for motivation during the down days.

9. Track Your Progress
It is important to measure any progress to stay enthusiastic. Create a timeline chart to see exactly how much improvement has been made. This works especially well when the resolution is split into smaller tasks.

10. Don’t Get Stressed Out
There will be days when one’s good intentions just fly out the window and old habits return. All is not lost! It’s like falling off a horse –just get back in the saddle and try again. Concentrate on the goal and the results will become apparent over time.

11. Reward Yourself!
Look for ways to celebrate all milestones. It will build momentum to get to the next reward.

12. Be Patient and Never Give Up!
There will be setbacks which will feel very discouraging. Do not quit! Just keep trying and the 2014 New Year’s resolution will become a reality.

In the end, the process is quite simple. State the goal, have an action plan, and then follow through with enthusiasm. Remember that achieving one’s goal depends on the implementation process. Download a helpful New Year’s Resolution Planning Workbook here to get started.

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