Afterburn Fuel: Review Examining Mike Chang's New Pre-Workout Supplement Released

Share Article releases a review of Afterburn Fuel a newly launched pre-workout supplement from Sixpack Shortcuts creator Mike Chang that promises to make workouts more intense and effective.

Afterburn Fuel Review

Afterburn Fuel Review

The trick to creating after burn is to keep workouts relatively brief, but intense, and Chang's Afterburn Fuel was designed to amp up that intensity

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Mike Chang's Afterburn Fuel - a new pre-workout training supplement has just been released to the public creating a buzz of excitement throughout the online fitness and bodybuilding community, provoking an investigative review from's Vince Delmonico.

"Pre-workout supplements have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years as fitness enthusiasts look for new ways to get the most out of their time in the gym," says Delmonico. "For guys who are serious about getting a ripped, muscular physique intensity is a key factor, but it can also be elusive. So, when we heard about Mike Chang's new Afterburn Fuel, we were eager to try it out and write a review up about it for our website visitors to let them know about our first hand experience with the product."

Delmonico's review explains that Afterburn Fuel is delivered in powder form that can be mixed with water to create a fruity kool-aid like beverage that is intended to be consumed on workout days only, prior to exercise.

"Mike Chang has become well known for helping people achieve what he refers to as the 'Afterburn Effect', a state where one's body continues to burn fat hours after working out," says Delmonico. "The trick to creating after burn is to keep workouts relatively brief but intense, and Chang's Afterburn Fuel was designed to amp up that intensity. In fact, Chang has stated that he originally formulated Afterburn Fuel for his own personal use, to give himself that rush of immediate energy he wanted to max out his own workouts."

The Afterburn Fuel ingredients, which are discussed in Delmonico's review, can be broken down into two distinct matrices. The "Get Jacked Matrix" contains Creatinol O Phosphate, Arginine Alpha Keto Glutamate (AAKG), Beta Alanine and several other popular ingredients for promoting increased strength, muscle pumps and vascularity. The "Cognitive And Focus Matrix" Includes Methylxanthine, and other ingredients to increase energy and focus."

"Some guys may be nervous to try Afterburn Fuel because they are afraid that they won't like how it makes them feel, and that's understandable," says Delmonico. "I'm not a big supplements guy myself, but I really noticed a positive difference in my workouts. I followed Mike's Monster Mass workout plans this past month, taking Afterburn Fuel before every workout and I've got to say that I felt like a wild beast in the gym, in a good way. If I was younger I'd probably want to drink some Afterburn Fuel and then go clubbing or something. I know that's not the intended use, but it just makes you so amped up and in the zone."

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