Video Reveals Trend in Men’s Performance Supplementation

Advanced Performance Innovations: “All-In-One” Performance Solution Gains Momentum Among Active Men

(PRWEB) January 21, 2014

In this video, spotlighting a growing trend in nutritional supplementation, the focus is on an innovative, all-in-one product called “Formulation One” - developed to bring a new level of simplicity to the often complicated task of supplement buying.

In recent years, a tidal wave of sports nutrition products has flooded the market, developed for every imaginable objective; pre-workout nutrition, exercise recovery, brain function, energy, testosterone, lean muscle development, sexual performance, and just about everything else that matters to today’s active, multi-faceted man. Variety is good, right? Actually, consumer response is now showing that the trend is causing mass confusion among supplement buyers. The process of navigating through a sea of nutritional products has become overwhelming and expensive.

Formulation One, a once-daily supplement, is receiving positive attention for its intelligent “All-in-One” ingredient matrix, providing active, multifaceted men the opportunity to easily and efficiently check off several of the boxes on their daily performance "checklists".

Click to view the new video (hosted by YouTube) explaining the science and the philosophy behind the Men’s “All-In-One” performance solution (sold online-direct and by GNC).