Metabolic Nutrition Calls on Supplement Companies to Halt Deceptive Amino Spiking of Protein Products

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Leading health and fitness company Metabolic Nutrition today is calling upon other dietary supplement companies and manufacturers to stop “amino spiking” their products and to help bring an end to this misleading practice that defrauds consumers and hurts the industry. While Metabolic Nutrition uses only 100% high-quality, complete whole protein sources, others companies with lower ethical standards often add cheap, filler amino acids such as Glycine and Taurine that artificially spike protein test results and allow them to actually decrease whole complete protein content while making the products cheaper to produce.

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Metabolic Nutrition is unrelentingly committed to delivering the highest quality in all of our nutritional supplements.

Top health supplement provider Metabolic Nutrition today called upon other nutritional companies to bring an immediate end to the deceptive practice of amino acid spiking in their protein products.

Unscrupulous companies in the supplement industry are using this deceitful, cost-cutting process which falsely increases the apparent protein content of their products and dupes unsuspecting consumers, all the while driving down the cost of their products to drive up their profits.*

Unfortunately, conventional lab tests for protein are fooled by “amino spiking,” making the products appear to contain more protein than they actually do.

Metabolic Nutrition sets the standard for quality by only using 100% high-quality, whole complete proteins in its formulas. Whole complete proteins offer additional health benefits because they contain the specific amount of all of the “essential” amino acids in the proper ratios that the body requires for proper absorption and metabolism, along with preserving IGF (Immunoglobulin Growth Factors) which improves overall body functioning and health. Metabolic Nutrition chooses only to use higher quality whole-complete protein as it has the highest PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) and BV (Biological Value) and offers customers the best health results possible.

Unfortunately, while consumers like the cheaper prices of lower quality proteins, they fail to realize that when they purchase “amino spiked” protein products, they can have a tremendous negative effect on the absorption and metabolism of this protein by throwing off the ratio with unessential amino acids,** thus resulting in lower PER and BV. This means that an athlete using an “amino spiked” product labeled as having 30 grams of protein could actually be getting as little as 15 grams of useful, absorbable protein.

Consumers who have used “amino spiked” protein products report side effects such as: feeling sluggish, recovering slower from workouts, feeling increased soreness for longer periods and failing to gain the lean muscle mass they would acquire by using a true “whole or complete” protein supplement. So while the consumer may spend less, he or she also gets far less in return.

“Not only is amino spiking an unfair business practice that enables unscrupulous companies to compete with reputable supplement manufacturers, it is extremely unfair to consumers who receive sub-par products and are cheated out the nutritional benefits they can get from a quality, whole-complete protein product,” said Metabolic Nutrition CEO Jay Cohen.

“Metabolic Nutrition is unrelentingly committed to delivering the highest quality in all of our nutritional supplements. We are calling upon fellow health supplement companies to join us in the effort to end deceptive “amino spiking,” and to help raise the standards of our industry to the benefit of consumers.”

Metabolic Nutrition uses superior quality whole protein in its line of health and fitness supplements. As evidenced by its willingness to speak out against the practice of amino acid spiking, Metabolic Nutrition is committed to elevating the health and nutritional supplement industry, leading by example with its high-quality products and state-of-the-art facilities.

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**Is Your Protein Spiked ? – Fraud In The Supplement Industry, July 9, 2014,

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