Publishflow Relaunches — Do Not Rely On Analytics, Tells Digital Publishing Teams

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Publishflow’s combination of live media monitoring, smart notifications and realtime analytics integrates the 3 must-have tools editors, journalists and other content creators need.

We worked in the background with some of the world’s leading publishers and came to the conclusion that analytics just aren’t enough to allow digital publishing teams to realize their full potential.

Publishflow relaunches today with the mission to redefine the meaning of data-driven for digital publishing teams. The Publishflow service integrates media monitoring and smart notifications alongside analytics, combining the 3 must-have tools digital publishing teams need to generate actionable analysis.

Analytics and analysis are not synonymous, an insight that the Publishflow team arrived at after working with a number of global leaders in digital media over recent years. Publishing teams use analytics for measurement, but often fail to take the next steps from measurement to analysis and meaningful action.

Traditional web analytics tools, and even competing analytics offerings built specifically for digital publishers, allow publishing teams to measure the content they produce. This falls short of the needs of today’s publishing teams.

Meaningful analysis that leads to informed publishing strategy requires publishing teams to go beyond the content they produce. Monitoring content produced by competitors and following broader publishing trends across digital media are now core needs for many publishing teams.

Publishflow’s live media monitoring tools satisfy this need, in effect allowing publishing teams to aggregate the decisions of thousands of editors worldwide. Like a prediction market for digital publishers, publishing teams use Publishflow’s analysis of broader publishing trends to analyze which stories to cover and to identify the trending topics worth investing scarce resources in.

Publishflow’s live media monitoring offers three separate views of global media. Live Stream presents a live visual stream of what’s happening right now across digital media, as images and summaries of stories from thousands of global publishers scroll by as they happen. Trending Topics provides a detailed breakdown of the topics most covered by other publishers over the last 24 hours, broken down by geographic location and major news categories. Competitor Headlines allows publishing teams to monitor the publishing activities of direct competitors and other influential publishers.

Complementing live media monitoring, Publishflow’s realtime analytics are purpose-built for digital publishers.

“A common complaint from digital publishing teams regarding products such as Google Analytics is that these tools are too complex and are not intuitive for editors, journalists and other content creators,” said Jamie Thompson, Publishflow CEO.

“Publishflow offers realtime analytics purpose-built for publishing teams. In addition to the traditional metrics available in web analytics tools like Google Analytics, Publishflow provides metrics of particular relevance to publishing teams, such as which stories are trending at a given moment, realtime analysis of social media referrals and detailed views of categories and sections. Publishflow also allows publishers to track web, video content and mobile apps within a single service.” added Thompson.

Smart notifications tie together live media monitoring and analytics within the Publishflow service.

The very nature of digital publishing is event-driven and cyclical, often requiring publishing teams to operate within a chaotic and random environment. Publishing teams adjust and re-adjust in real-time how they publish based on the events occurring around them. A newsworthy event occurs in the world, consumption of a publisher’s own story starts to spike, a competitor publishes a new story, a new topic starts to trend across broader media — these are all events that require a response. This is where Publishflow’s smart notifications come to the aid of publishing teams.

Smart notifications liberate editors, journalists and content creators from staring at dashboards all day long, freeing up attention and scarce resources for other activities. Customizable notifications alert members of publishing teams when events occur that are critical to their publishing strategy.

Says Thompson, “We worked in the background with some of the world’s leading publishers and came to the conclusion that analytics, and particularly how many publishers use traditional analytics products or even those analytics solutions created specifically for digital publishers, just aren’t enough to allow digital publishing teams to realize their full potential. Publishflow’s integrated suite of services empowers publishing teams to create better publishing strategies.”

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Publishflow, created by Kontexto Inc., is an integrated suite of services that helps digital publishing teams create better publishing strategies. Kontexto provides products and services for digital media and intelligence teams, and offers restful API services for software developers that need access to rich link based metadata.

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