Andover Education Launches the High School of the Future: HSx

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HSx is an online, mastery-based, fully accredited high school offering credit courses and diplomas

A diploma from Andover is different. It’s designed to show that you have a significant grasp of content knowledge. Colleges and employers will appreciate the difference a diploma from Andover makes.

Students can now earn credit by demonstrating mastery of any core high school academic course. And anyone without a high school diploma now has access to an impressive, accredited high school degree. HSx is not defined by conventional standards of credit hours and semesters but rather by demonstrating mastery of a single subject for individual credit or across all subjects for a diploma. HSx programs include content mastery assessments, essays, and labs, but the time required per subject is entirely dependent on the length of time it takes a student to master it.

The GED and other online diploma programs are proficiency based, so that one earns a diploma by demonstrating a minimum amount of knowledge. “HSx is mastery based, so it’s a more difficult diploma to earn, but it’s also much more prestigious,” said Andover CEO Nathan Allen. “You really want to open doors? Aim for an Andover diploma. There’s finally an option to the GED.”

A diploma from Andover College Preparatory’s HSx can be earned at each student’s individual pace, with no artificial barriers. HSx’s objective is to assess a student’s content knowledge and readiness to earn a high school diploma; HSx is not interested in how long it takes. HSx courses also provide significant resources and guidance for students who do not demonstrate content mastery. The resources are both online and through a global network of advisors and tutors. Course curricula and assessment standards are made available so that students may prepare for the assessments however they best see fit. Students submit essays and labs to Andover online. Students may also transfer credits, and transfer documents are submitted online and reviewed by Andover staff for approval.

The first step is to take the mastery exams, which only cost $1. The entire degree process typically costs $200–for the review of essays and lab reports, which come after the mastery exams. For those who need high school credit, individual course credit typically costs less than $50. “We designed this process to be very inexpensive,” commented Allen. “Often less expensive than the GED.”

Andover College Preparatory is fully accredited, and courses typically require the same content mastery, essays, and labs as top U.S. high schools do. HSx assesses content mastery across all core academic subjects encompassing four years of English, three years of math and science, and two years of history. HSx does not give credit for life/work experience or project portfolios.

Allen adds, “A diploma from Andover is different. It’s designed to show that you have a significant grasp of content knowledge. Colleges and employers will appreciate the difference a diploma from Andover makes. A diploma from Andover’s HSx is a substantial achievement, and students don’t have to settle for a GED.”

Open House
Interested students are invited to join the Andover HSx team for an online open house. Upcoming open houses are Thursday October 2 at 3pm EST and Monday Oct 6 at 7pm EST. Registration is required in advance. The registration form is here.

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About Andover Education
Andover College Preparatory was launched in Westport, CT in 2003 to develop educational content and quickly became known for its metric-based solutions for districts. Andover developed its own technology once it became apparent that the technology to deliver solutions was limited and out-dated. While a technology company, Andover’s foundation is in teaching and learning. Andover operates an accredited school (grades 6-12), and online school (HSx) and employs a full complement of teaching staff. As a technology company, this enables Andover to develop ed-tech solutions that best address education challenges.

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