Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries Releases Feature-Filled Update to Intense & Addictive Top-Down Multiplayer Online Combat Simulation Game MEG: RVO

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The latest update to Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries’ intense and addictive top-down multiplayer online combat simulation game MEG: RVO features new weapons, a state-of-the-art core game engine, a new single game/franchise option, and more. The app is compatible with iPad and available now in the App Store.

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MEG RVO available now for iPad

MEG: RVO aims to combine the casual accessibility of these more disposable games, with the depth and player-retention of MMO/RTS games such as World of Warcraft.

Global fans of Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries’ remarkably intense and astonishingly addictive top-down multiplayer online combat simulation game MEG: RVO can now download the latest version, and enjoy a wide range of new features.

Brilliantly combining action, strategy and multiplayer combat, and optimized for the iPad’s Retina display, MEG: RVO transforms gamers into contractors and puts them to work for a sinister corporate entity called “Slate Kinetic”, which is training Remote Vehicle Operators (RVO) to explore new worlds.

Contractors must join campaigns and skilfully equip their combat vehicle – known as a “rig” -- with weapons and armor, deploy various structures to assist in defense, make the best use of terrain allies, and battle against other players and A.I.-controlled enemies in order to gain control of strategic locations within the app’s simulated environment.

With experience, talent and a little luck, contractors will earn Slate Kinetic’s currency known as “SKN” (pronounced “skin”), which they can use to purchase new rigs, weapons, armor and defensive systems in the Slate Marketplace. Plus, contractors can leverage their combat experience to unlock more powerful equipment, and use their robotic MEG Unit to retrieve salvaged equipment from defeated foes.

And now in MEG: RVO’s latest version, contractors can use the new Aiming Reticule (a HUD feature that provides a better idea of their current weapon’s aiming trajectory and range), and access some extra firepower against nearby enemies by destroying one of the new Explosive Reactors at the correct moment. They can also access the Facility Map (a new indoor simulation zone), and keep an eye out for SKI Turrets (large sentry turrets that guard specific areas of the simulation zone).

Other major improvements and enhancements include:

> New client/server architecture
> New core game engine (“the SKU engine”) that integrates several state-of-the-art commercial game development packages, as well as in-house developed technology
> New single game/new franchise option (instead of 5 apps per month)
> New expansion packs (Tier1 will cover 2013-2014)

“Many games on the iPad, while accessible and entertaining, lack long-term replay value,” commented Ian Jardine of Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries. “MEG: RVO aims to combine the casual accessibility of these more disposable games, with the depth and player-retention of MMO/RTS games such as World of Warcraft. There are currently no games on the market which combine all the unique aspects of MEG: RVO gameplay, and the strong positive feedback we’ve received from gamers worldwide has confirmed for us that we’re on the right track, and have created something unique, special and, of course, intense and addictive!”

Currently, MEG: RVO is available in two versions: no cost and full. The no cost version allows users to play as a “Guest” for as long as they wish. The full version provides access to better gear, and allows users to accumulate combat experience points and in-game “SKN” currency, as described above. Plus, they can choose a unique username to impress allies and terrify enemies.

Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries is also committed to constantly updating the app with more environments, new rig chassis, new enemy types, new defensive systems, new deployable structures, and graphic and performance improvements.

Added Mr. Jardine: “The ultimate goal for the MEG franchise is a near-infinite, open-world game, with no well-defined start or end. Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries seeks to build a community of players who will enjoy spending time inside the game, interacting with the game environment and with other players, and contributing to in-game commerce.”

MEG: RVO, the updated and improved top-down multiplayer online combat simulation game that fans worldwide are calling intense and addictive, is available now from the App Store at

Additional app information, including videos and screenshots, is available at

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