Ethical Spin at Record Label World Pulse Music Sets New Standard

One World Pulse is the first ever business to combine for-profit, and non-profit models in order to create a more sustainable, action-based company. World Pulse Music is the first record label that is nurturing the growth of new great artists that are committed to social advocacy and supporting great causes.

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Armando Peralta in the Studio

“In the old days, to release music independently was akin to crossing a union line,” says Armando Peralta

(PRWEB) April 14, 2014

“In the old days, to release music independently was akin to crossing a union line,” says Armando Peralta, founder of the record label, World Pulse Music. In today’s music universe, the possibilities are infinite. Success is no longer in the hands of big record labels, and artistry runs wild in cross collaborations between genres, cultures, and generations. We have reached the Mecca of the independent artist, where anyone can self-produce. Now that each artist’s fate is in his or her own hands, it takes a mastermind to thrive.

Today Peralta is not only thriving as an independent artist, he is redefining the role. This year, Peralta founded One World Pulse, a three-part company that includes the record label World Pulse Music, a grassroots promotional team, and need-based outreach programs for those in distress seeking healing through yoga and meditation.

One World Pulse employs an international support group of writers and designers, and the organization also partners with worldwide service organizations, most notably One Family Cares Foundation. One World Pulse is the first ever business to combine For-Profit, and Non-Profit models in order to create a more sustaining, action-based company.

And its subset, World Pulse Music is the first record label to site social entrepreneurship among its core themes, alongside the production of world-class music. This means that the organization relies on direct support from its fan base for success, using tools like and Crowdfunding.

By combining non-profit and for-profit models to facilitate the release of great music, invite community action, and bring services to those in need, World Pulse Music has broken new ground.

The organization makes a balancing act of giving and receiving.

“It’s not about giving away everything you have, but about using sustainable wisdom to share your gifts,” says Peralta. One of Peralta’s striking gifts is the sheer joy he finds in making something beautiful happen, and his contagious delight in working with the incredible musicians involved with World Pulse Music. In addition to live performances, the label will release two new albums this year, one in Spanish and one in English, boasting a seemingly endless roster of all-star musicians.

This Fire in My Heart instrumental track as well as a stunning 3D music video is the first track to be released and has elements of Flamenco and Bomba, native of the cultural ethnic roots of Puerto Rico where Peralta was raised. The audio track will be available April 21 on iTunes and the stunning Avatar-esque HD 3D music video will be released in May. The Spanish rock album, titled Hurakan, which is being released June 21, has elements of rock and overtones of Southwestern Americana. It demonstrates Peralta’s signature artistry and complex rhythmic choices. Gregg Bissonette, drummer of Santana’s Supernatural fame, Rami Jaffee, keyboard player for both The WallFlowers and Foo Fighters, and Jessy Greene, violinist for Pink, and Foo Fighters, have performed on this album.

Artist Michael Rios will provide cover design for Hurakan, with his painting Mayan Trance Dance.

The English album, called "The Way to Your Love," carries traces of the 70’s singer/songwriter era, shadows of classic rock, with a sultry romanticism and taste of Eagles, Led Zeppelin, and Roy Orbison. Steve Porcaro of Toto and Darryl Jones, bassist for The Rolling Stones have performed on the English record.

Songwriting is a cathartic experience for Peralta, who knows that rhythm and melody, especially the Afro-Caribbean and Flamenco grooves of a youth spent in Puerto Rico, are a part of his life’s blood.
These albums and performances are a step towards realizing a long-term dream, to create a network of integrated action; an organization that promotes great art, community, and ethical choices. World Pulse Music acts not only as a catalyst for Peralta’s vision, but for the infinite number of independent musicians with a wild idea, and an innovative voice. By embracing the notion that business can be both successful and humanitarian, Armando Peralta is creating a record label with true family values. Peralta sees himself as a member of multiple families, both musical and global, and World Pulse Music represents his insistence on fulfilling a duty to both his personal and worldwide communities.

These new projects are only possible with the support of dedicated individuals who believe in the power of incredible art and community action. Check out for information on upcoming events, performances, and music. To support One World Pulse, check out


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