Residential and Commercial Customers Switch to Artificial Plants as Las Vegas Water Authority Raises Rates

People are scrambling as the Las Vegas Water Authority recently approved a rate hike to pay off $3 billion in debt. Geranium Street Floral provides a solution for rate hike.

San Marcos, CA (PRWEB) October 21, 2013

Although spokespeople for the water authority say that the increase will have little effect on most consumers, it is bound to have a domino effect, increasing costs on everything. Many home and business owners are choosing artificial plants to save money and conserve water.

Letters to the Las Vegas Journal Review expressed outrage at the situation. Although average consumers may only see increases of a few dollars a month, large casinos, golf courses, and other businesses will likely pay thousands of dollars more per month for water. These increased costs will most likely be passed on to consumers.

Most people in Las Vegas and other Southern Nevada communities realized a long time ago, it just doesn’t make sense to water a lawn in the desert. Artificial grass, and decorative stone have replaced many a lawn. Now, new exciting products are available to replace natural hedges, bushes, ivy and more.

Artificial hedge is a big thing now, in Beverly Hills, in Hollywood, on movie sets and at special events. Smart designers realize the potential of artificial boxwood hedge and have implemented it into interior and exterior designs at many top notch properties including hotels, casinos and restaurants. Home and condo owners have also discovered artificial hedge to cover retaining walls, fences, decks, and more.

Artificial foliage today is not your grandparents fake looking silk plants. The new artificial boxwood hedge, bushes, topiary balls, artificial ivy and bamboo look very authentic and comes UV protected. The best thing about artificial foliage is that it doesn’t require watering. That is a big deal considering the recent hike by the Las Vegas Water Authority.

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