New Assistant Salary Website Launched to Help Job Seekers Get a Fair Deal

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The new Assistant Salary website is an impartial resource for those seeking work as an assistant in a range of roles, as well as those evaluating training opportunities.

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For those looking to find employment as an assistant, the new website aims to be a useful resource in determining the amount of remuneration to expect when considering potential job offers. The website covers a wide range of assistant roles, including accounting assistants, right through to radiologist assistants, and many in between. The list of roles covered is also expected to grow significantly in the not too distant future.

The site has been created for a number of reasons. The first purpose of the site is to allow those looking for work as an assistant in a certain field to be able to easily check whether the salary and package on offer is comparable with the national average. The second, but equally important function of the site is to enable those seeking a career change, or about to embark on their journey into paid employment, to get a sense of which assistant roles pay well and which don’t.

This can be useful in determining the appeal of a certain field, based on the amount of income the role is expected to pay. The Assistant Salary website can also help those in the process of selecting a training course determine how soon the cost of the course can be recouped once employed is found. This can be done on the website by comparing the training cost with the listed salary. For example, if a certain price is being quoted for a lab assistant training course and the listed lab assistant salary is many multiples of that amount then it could be a financially rewarding avenue to pursue.

The information contained on the website for each position is detailed and includes lots of information. For example, the legal assistant salary page contains information about the role, the financial prospects for this job, and an outlook for the future for those intending to move into this type of employment. The homepage of the website also lists all of the roles covered and includes their median salary, salary of the lowest paid 10% and the highest paid 10%, as well as a 10-year outlook in terms of increases or decreases.

“When we were setting up the website, we didn’t just want it to be a list of figures, we wanted to provide some useful information to the reader about the long term prospects of a particular career, as well some details about the job itself,” the website’s content manager explained. “By providing more than just numbers, we hope the readers can make a more rounded decision about which type of assistant they would like to be,” he continued.

Of the roles currently featured on the website, a physician assistant appears to the best prospect in terms of financial outlook for anyone seeking this type of role. The reported assistant salary for this field is a median rate of $90,930, with the highest 10% earning $124,770.

With competition for well-paid jobs continuing to intensify, this website aims to become a useful resource for those looking to establish if they are being offered a good deal, as well as for those considering a career change.

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