Making Work Flow for NZ Businesses – Astrolift Secures NZ Agency for PALOMAT

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Astrolift has secured the agency for PALOMAT’s range of pallet dispensers and stackers, which means improved productivity and enhanced safety for NZ businesses.

New Zealand companies looking to enhance their pallet handling operations will be pleased to note that Astrolift has recently secured the New Zealand agency for PALOMAT pallet stackers and dispensers. Internationally recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of these high quality machines, PALOMAT’s high quality equipment is helping businesses boost efficiency and maximize workplace safety.

In the current economic climate, more and more businesses are finding the losses incurred by high absentee rates and slow productivity to be affecting their profit margins. Indeed, stacking and moving palletized goods manually is both time consuming and risky and often results in a decrease in productivity as well as an increase in instances of worker injury. In securing the PALOMAT agency for New Zealand, Astrolift believes that one of the greatest areas in which companies will reap the rewards of implementing superior quality pallet stackers and dispensers will be in preventing occupational injuries from taking place.

An improved working environment is another of the main advantages reported by businesses that have incorporated pallet stackers and dispensers. When workers have to navigate their way through a cluttered workspace due to pallets being poorly stacked, the likelihood of injury is raised and the flow of work is impeded. Whereas manual pallet handling lacks overall efficiency, automated stackers and dispensers work to ensure enhanced pallet flow and order. PALOMAT’s self-stated mission is to ‘make work flow’ for its customers, and this is exactly what is achieved when a business’s pallet handling procedures are streamlined and optimally organized through use of its pallet stackers and dispensers.

Cost savings are reported in two main areas regarding the use of pallet stacking machines. The first area has to do with preserving the integrity and longevity of each individual pallet. Pallets that are stacked and dispensed by a high quality purpose built machine inevitably stay in better condition for longer. This means that businesses do not have to continually pay for a constant resupply of pallets. Furthermore, the reliance on forklift trucks and other machinery to handle pallets also serves to increase their wear and tear. The second area has to do with improved efficiency and time savings. In any business, time is money, so any piece of equipment that serves to save on time and boost productivity inevitably leads to tangible cost savings down the line. By shaving even just a few minutes off the time it takes to handle each individual pallet, a business will enjoy considerable savings in time and labour costs.

A further notable advantage that pallet stackers and dispensers afford is the reduced dependence on forklift trucks –a pallet jack is sufficient. This equates to a workplace that is not only safer, due to the fact that there are no forklifts operating, but it also means that less space is required because forklift trucks require room in which to manoeuvre. What’s more, because empty pallets are handled faster and stacked in well organized, tidy stacks, the workplace has a far neater and structured appearance.

With the promise of improved worker safety, enhanced productivity and considerable time and cost savings, New Zealand based businesses are sure to welcome the arrival of PALOMAT’s range of pallet stackers and dispensers into the local marketplace. By securing the New Zealand agency for PALOMAT, Astrolift is set to help New Zealand pallet handling operations nationwide make work flow.

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