Japanese Energy-Savings Consulting Company Forms Asian Distributor Network for Climate-Friendly R441A and R443A Refrigerants

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Global Eco Innovations agrees to represent A. S. Trust & Holdings to identify distributors throughout Asia for multiblend hydrocarbon refrigerants.

R441A & R443A - the Eco-Friendly, Energy-Saving Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

We are confident we can help Richard Maruya by promulgating people's understanding of eco-friendly refrigerants.

Global Eco Innovations Co. Ltd. Japan (GEIJ) (http://www.gei-jp.com), an energy-savings sales and consulting company in Tokyo, Japan, has agreed to represent A.S. Trust & Holdings, developer of the climate-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants R441A and R443A, in creating a network of distributors in Asia. GEI Japan, along with its subsidiaries GEI Thailand and GEI Korea, offers total sustainable energy solutions that provide ways to make, store and use energy. The company sells photo-voltaic- and wind-generation systems along with back-up power-storage systems and energy-efficient LED lighting systems.

GEI Japan will be expanding its product line with energy-saving air conditioning systems based on R441A, a substitute for R134A, and R443A, a substitute for R22 and R410 refrigerants, as well as identifying and recommending to A.S. Trust & Holdings candidate companies for Asia-based distribution of these products. In addition, GEI Japan will have the exclusive right throughout Asia to manufacture and sell an A.S. Trust-developed safety valve that works in conjunction with all types of refrigerants.

R441A and R443A are zero-ozone-depleting/extremely low global-warming-potential (GWP) hydrocarbon blends, both of which carry U.S. patents. Their formulations were developed over the past fifteen years by Hawaii businessman and inventor, Richard Maruya, of A.S. Trust & Holdings. GEI Japan and GEI Thailand were both founded in 2010 by Mr. Masamoto Tazoe, CEO, who holds degrees in business and commerce and has twenty years’ management experience in the building-waterproofing industry.

Mr. Tazoe says, “We believe Richard Maruya, who grew up and lives in the beautiful nature of Hawaii, invented his R443A refrigerant to show his appreciation for nature. We are confident we can help him by promulgating people’s understanding of eco-friendly refrigerants, and we hope to build something that we can pass on to future generations.” Mr. Maruya notes that this is a very aggressive move for a small, privately owned company, but that the market timing is excellent since Asia is quickly moving to eliminate all use of R22. Contract signing is planned for early April and will be effective immediately.

Contact Richard Maruya at 808-235-1890 (email: richard(at)astrust(dot)com). For GEI Japan, contact CEO Mr. Masamoto Tazoe (03 3239 6955); for GEI Thailand, contact President Mr. Toshio Endo, and for GEI Korea, contact President Mr. Nick Jung. Email for all locations is info(at)gei-jp(dot)com.


About A.S. Trust & Holdings, Inc.
A.S. Trust & Holdings has spent more than a decade developing hydrocarbon combinations for new refrigerant fluids that are based on purely green chemistry, friendly to the climate and also energy efficient. R441A and R443A are groundbreaking technological advancements capable of revamping entire industries where coolant/refrigerants are in common use. In many applications the refrigerant can be used as a drop-in replacement without reengineering the equipment. A.S. Trust & Holdings is registered in Saipan, part of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, with its U.S. headquarters in the State of Hawaii. The Company began operations in 1998 and filed its first patent in 2000. Website: http://www.HCR188C.com.

About Global Eco Innovations Co. Ltd. Japan (GEIJ)
GEIJ offers total energy solutions to its customers by providing ways to make, store and use energy. It produces sustainable energy via both photo-voltaic and wind power generation equipment; it also sells back-up power-storage systems and a broad line of LED lighting systems, and is moving into energy-efficient air conditioning systems. Based in Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo, Japan, GEIJ has offices in Thailand and Korea, and is opening additional offices across Asia. Website: http://www.gei-jp.com.

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