Announced Benefits of Satellite TV Over Internet TV Usage

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Following iMedia Monkey’s November 5th article, titled “The Advantages of Satellite TV”, Satellite TV News Network announced the benefits of satellite TV over internet TV usage. announced its list of top three ways TV watchers benefit from satellite TV versus online television usage. This announcement came on after the November 5th iMedia Monkey article, “The Advantages of Satellite TV”. The list focused on the ability to choose a wide selection, as well as avoiding the wait time often required for networks’ online TV show viewing. In addition, Satellite TV News Network highlighted the ability to choose from a wide variety of channels, shows, and genres, rather than the limited selection available from online mediums.

Jordan Howell’s iMedia Monkey’s article encouraged readers to consider purchasing satellite TV over cable. He revealed the higher levels of coverage, channels, and features available with satellite TV versus basic cable. His overall argument focused on the differences between cable and satellite TV, and the clear disadvantages of choosing cable over satellite TV.

While many of Howell’s points are accurate, STVNN believes he failed to acknowledge the continued growth of online methods of television viewing, ranging from watching TV shows via network websites, to purchasing the services of online streaming companies such as Hulu and Netflix. believes that though these services and means of watching TV offer the convenience of watching TV from any computer, anywhere, there are three distinct benefits of purchasing satellite TV over using online television viewing methods:

1)    A wide variety of options. While many television viewing sites offer an assortment of TV shows and movies, the available streaming options are limited, and are most frequently described as having many options, but rarely options the average person will actually desire.

2)    The ability to install controls and record shows and movies is built into satellite TV service, while online services such as Netflix simply require users to visit a specific side of the site, and does not allow parental controls or recording.

3)    Finally, satellite TV offers a wide range of service packages and price points, designed to fit a variety of service needs. These packages are typically designed in a bundle, offering users several viewing options at prices fitting the size of the bundle.

STVNN believes that satellite TV can be an affordable means of purchasing TV channels, and offers services far superior to both cable TV, as Howell’s article revealed, as well as online TV viewing services.

Jordan Howell began the site, iMedia Monkey, in 2009, and worked to deliver media news, including simple television recaps to industry news and opinion articles. Howell continues to act as the site’s editor-in-chief.

Following the release of Howell’s article regarding satellite TV and cable TV, Satellite TV News Network released its list of three benefits of satellite TV over online television providers. These benefits revealed the advantages of satellite TV, including greater options in viewing, more control over the television being viewed, and a broad selection in prices and packages. These traits of satellite TV are all superior to online TV services, as they provide more personalized viewing for reasonable prices. To find a package or bundle for the best price possible, Satellite TV News Network suggests checking for different price points and information regarding satellite TV coverage options.

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