BEST Bluetooth Headphones: TOP 7 Wireless Bluetooth Headsets (Stereo and Mono) Published by Headphone Hub

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Top 4 Deficiencies of Wireless Headphones Revealed. No 1 Recommended and Most Budget-Friendly Bluetooth Headphones for Over-the-Ear, On-Ear and In-Ear Categories Published by

Best Bluetooth Headphones

Best Over-the-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

The difference of sound-quality between poor-quality headphones and good-quality headphones can be like night and day, even for non-audiophiles.

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There are a variety of Bluetooth headphones ranging from single-ear MONO headsets to around-the-ear full STEREO headphones. However, some of them have problems related to the 4 deficiencies, (i) Poor audio-quality, (ii) Dropped Bluetooth connections, (iii) Poor noise cancellation and noise-isolation, and (iv) Poor design/fit etc. Weeding out headphones with such limitations is now possible thanks to the recently published List of #1 Recommended Best Bluetooth Headphones.

The above list on reveals the No 1 Recommended pair of headphones as well as the most wallet-friendly headphones for each of the following 4 categories: (i) Around/Over-the-ear Bluetooth Headphones (a.k.a. circum-aural), (ii) On-ear BT headphones (a.k.a. supra-aural), (iii) In-ear headphones (a.k.a. Bluetooth ear buds/wireless earbuds), and (iv) single-ear MONO Bluetooth headsets. It is a highly recommended read for anyone intending to purchase a pair of Bluetooth or wired headphones. The best quality Bluetooth headphones come from not-only popular brands like Audio-Technica, Beats, Bose, Dennon, Klipsch, Plantronics, and Sennheiser, but also from brands that are not very popular like ECSEM, LG, MEElectronics and Parrot Zik. For example, while the title of Best Over-the-ear Bluetooth Headphones goes to Bose, the title of best On-ear Bluetooth headsets goes to MEElectronics.

The review specifically emphasizes the importance of certain specs like the frequency response (e.g. 5 Hz – 28,000 Hz), impedance (e.g. 16 Ohms at 1KHz), driver diameter (range from 9 mm to 50 mm) etc. These are important features that determine the clarity, loudness, and spectrum of the audio-output. Not every pair needs to be audiophile-grade, however, they should reproduce the highs (frequencies > 4000 Hz; treble), the mids and the lows (<400 Hz; bass) with decent accuracy in a balanced manner. Examples of common complaints on poor-quality headphones include “poor bass and too much treble” or “overpowering bass drowns the clarity of mids and treble”. The difference of sound-quality from such an inferior-quality pair and a relatively good pair of headphones can be like night and day, even for non-audiophiles. This is true for both Bluetooth wireless headphones as well as regular wired headsets.

The different lists of best Bluetooth headsets also considers their ‘advanced-feature richness’. The most noteworthy features to look for other than audio-quality are noise cancellation and noise isolation. The former refers to negating ambient/external noises and the latter refers to minimizing leakage of sounds out of the head/earphones. Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling are usually more expensive than others. However, if one’s lifestyle requires noise cancelling and/or noise isolation, such as in the case of those who commute on noisy buses/trains, the investment is well justified as long as it is spent on the right Bluetooth headset. The TOP 3 most popular noise cancelling headphones can be found on

In addition to the details on Best Bluetooth Headphones (wireless), they have also published reviews of popular wired stereo headphones for those who would rather have the wires.

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