Online Dating Review Site Posts New Blog Exploring Data About Online Dating Trends

Share Article shares an interview about online dating data collection. It explores data collected by a dating website and how that data can change the way people see themselves.

Best Dating Websites Reviews

Best Dating Websites Reviews

A dating website that can change the way people see themselves is a site that provides reviews of online dating sites to those interested in finding out more about the sites before paying for a subscription. The dating site reviews provided by the website can be found by clicking here.

The site also has a section entitled “Dating Advice” where they post weekly blogs about anything love or dating site related.

This week they posted a blog about Christian Rudder’s book Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking).

Christian Rudder is the co-founder of OkCupid, and says he is a man obsessed with data. He explains that his dating site not only brings people together, but it also gathers a great deal of information about users to algorithmically find their match. While Rudder agrees that data is not everything, he also believes that this data could change the way people see themselves.

In an interview between Rudder and Arun Rath of National Public Radio (NPR), Rudder was asked whether or not mass data collection is a good thing.

“I definitely think it’s good...all of this data-everything in the book and generally anything you read online about people’s behavior on sites-is aggregated and anonymous.

Rudder believes that by putting data together, it allows the ability to look at people in a way that has never been accomplished before. As more and more data is entered online, more than ever is learned about people. This gives researchers an inside look of how millions of people live their lives.

The post on discusses a few of the points Rudder hit on in his interview with Rath were whether the length of messages on dating sites is a determinant of their quality, race relations on dating sites, and differences between men and women and what they are looking for in regards to age on dating sites.

To determine if shorter messages are also lower quality, Rudder took a look at a number of tweets, looking mainly at the word length. The findings of this research showed that while many tweets are short in word count, they contain just as much content as other forms of communication.

Rudder also wanted to see what online dating shows about race relations. There are some correlations between bias and race relations, especially against those who are African American. This is equated to the fact that the premise of online dating is to judge people. Online dating allows for this to be done without any social repercussions. If a person were asked directly what their opinions are about interracial relationships, most people would claim that they are not racist, just that they want to find their match regardless of race.

Another point touched on in the post is the difference between the age that men and women find attractive. While women tend to prefer the men they date to be similar in age to them, men tend to prefer a woman around 20, regardless of age. While a 40 year old man may prefer younger women, they in many cases will only find courage to go after women in their 30’s.

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