Three New Books By Bestselling Wellness Authors Highlight the Health Benefits of Their Alkaline Nutrition and Training Program

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In their new trilogy of books, fitness and nutrition gurus Monica Wright and Matt Thom share their expertise advice and secret tips that have helped them win fitness competitions and maintain optimal health.

Three New Books By Bestselling Wellness Authors Monica Wright & Matt Thom

The aim of these three books is to commence an Alkaline Health Revolution and get people motivated and inspired to change their body.

In a world where access to information about health and well-being is essentially effortless, it can be overwhelming to sort out conflicting reports, and difficult to ignore the abundance of fad diets and weight loss schemes. Making a timely arrival with their three new books, ‘Change your Body - Is your Body Acidic or Alkaline?’, ‘Eat Eat Eat Alkaline Recipe Book’, and ‘84 Day Body Alkaline Challenge Action Manual’, seasoned fitness experts and husband and wife team Monica Wright and Matt Thom reveal the secrets—developed through years of extensive research—to achieving the health and wellness that helped them win a combined eleven World Fitness Championship titles. Their books outline a comprehensive, proven program of healthy eating, whole food supplementation, and exercise that will increase alkaline levels and reduce acidity levels. It is this result—creating an alkaline body—that Wright and Thom claim will help shed body fat, build muscle, increase energy levels, and ultimately minimize the risk of disease and illness.

Each of the three books has a specific focus but there is plenty of common ground, which provides a smooth transition from one book to the next. ‘Change your Body - Is your Body Acidic or Alkaline?’ is a detailed guide that addresses many aspects of making healthy choices. Motivation, self-image, a positive attitude, setting goals, creating healthy habits, what to eat and what to avoid, the benefits of exercise, and an introduction to Wright and Thom’s Fusion Workouts, are all covered.

In ‘84 Day Body Alkaline Challenge Action Manual’, Wright and Thom provide a step-by-step plan of action for putting their nutrition and training concepts into practice. Meal planning, menus and their exercise regimen called Fusion Workouts—High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)—are the main focus. This book also offers personal accountability solutions—daily checklists and training diaries—for documenting progress and keeping up with the program. In the third book, ‘Eat Eat Eat Alkaline Recipe Book’, food charts, easy recipes (100 of them), and an 84-day meal planner are provided.

It’s no secret that increased consumption of processed and fast foods, as well as a sedentary lifestyle, are directly linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other serious health problems and illnesses. Wright and Thom are eager to spread the word that their alkaline eating and training program has helped transform the lives and bodies of over 2,000 people at their fitness training center in Australia. “The aim of these three books is to commence an Alkaline Health Revolution and get people motivated and inspired to change their body,” explain Wright and Thom. “The alkaline movement is taking over the world and people want more information on the subject.”

The detailed information in all three books is easy to understand, educational and empowering for anyone who is to open to making lifestyle changes in their pursuit of a healthy, fit body. “The leading edge component of this program is reducing your acidity level and making your body more alkaline,” claim Wright and Thom. “Our books provide a step-by-step guide to getting there. This information will appeal to people battling obesity and weight loss issues, people who want to develop more muscle, and people fighting disease.”

‘Change your Body - Is your Body Acidic or Alkaline?’, ‘Eat Eat Eat Alkaline Recipe Book’, and ‘84 Day Body Alkaline Challenge Action Manual’ are published in eBook format by and are now available at popular online retailers including, and Apple’s iBookstore.

Review copies of all three titles are available to media contacts upon request. Authors Monica Wright and Matt Thom are available for interviews.

Monica Wright and Matt Thom
mobile: 0418 556 808
office: 61 3 93768088 (Melbourne)

About Monica Wright and Matt Thom
Monica Wright is Australia’s leading fitness athlete and holds the prestigious Ms Fitness Universe Title (2002, 2003, and 2006) from the World Fitness Federation Universe Championships in Europe. At the age of 4, Monica began her fitness career as a successful gymnast, competing until she was 21. She then moved into Fitness Competitions, winning her first competition in 1999 with an impressive acrobatic routine. She is best known for her Lara Croft inspired fitness routine in 2002.

Monica also holds the 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006 World Fitness Pairs Title at the WFF Fitness Universe with her husband, Matt Thom. They both won the Fairfax Sports Stars of the Year award in 2003.

Monica has over 20 years experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, gymnastics coach, fitness journalist, motivational speaker, kickboxing instructor, yoga teacher and is co-owner of Fitness Kick @ Flemington, which has over 400 personal training clients. She has appeared regularly as a sports model on the cover of Better Health and Natural Muscle and many fitness editorials in Oxygen Magazine, Women’s Health, WHO Magazine and Ironman.

Matt Thom is one of Australia’s leading health & fitness professionals, representing Australia at an international level as a fitness competitor in the World Fitness Federation Universe, he won 4 world titles in Pairs Fitness.

With a Degree in Human Movement, he has worked in the industry for 25 years as a personal trainer, corporate trainer, presenter, motivational speaker, educator and fitness consultant. He is co-founder of Fitness Kick @ Flemington, Melbourne’s first specialized fitness training centre, winner of 2007, 2008 & 2009 Personal Training Business of the Year.

He has developed and trademarked over six effective fitness training programs and co-owns five businesses in the fitness industry. He has extensive martial arts experience and is the Victorian sensei for Australian Freestyle Kickboxing. He currently runs self-defence programs in over 100 schools throughout the state of Victoria.

Since 2010, (based in Sudbury, Massachusetts) has helped thousands of authors and publishers get their books converted to ebook format, and distributed to all the major ebook retailers, including,, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Sony Readerstore, Ingram Digital, and Google eBookstore.

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