Black Mold Presence Leads to Demolition of Brewer House, My Cleaning Products Shares a Tip How Other Could Prevent the Same Incident

Due to a black mold infestation, a house in Brewer was demolished, said a report. My Cleaning Products gave advice how others could prevent the same mold incident.

Bangor, ME (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Black mold is being considered a threat to health. So when a house in Brewer was discovered to have it, the city had it demolished, a report from said. Wanting to help other people prevent the same predicament, My Cleaning Products gave advice how to prevent a massive infestation of mold. It also suggested the use Molderizer and Safe Shield.

According to the report published on July 29, 2013, the house was owned by Debra L. Fogg, MCP shared. However, it relayed that she was only staying there from winter to spring and was living in various places, including area shelters, the other times.

The report said that the black mold in the residence was particularly invading its walls, floors and ceiling, related My Cleaning Products. In addition to it, it said that dog and cat feces were also seen littered in the house. The condition of the structure was so severe that it was said to be inhabitable and a health hazard even to the neighbors, hence, the demolition, it relayed.

It was torn down, based on the report, on Monday, said MCP. Meanwhile, city staff, it stated, were looking for new living arrangements for Fogg.

Here's a part of the post Brewer House Demolished Due to Black Mold by My Cleaning Products.

"Black mold, also known as Stachybotrys chartarum, is linked with various health problems. So when a house in Brewer, Maine was discovered to be infested by it, city officials decided to demolish the residence."

"According to a report, the house is owned by Debra L. Fogg. However, she only stays there from winter to spring. If not in there, she lives in various places, including area shelters."

Indeed, there are so many health problems that black mold could bring, stated MCP. It enumerated allergies, coughing, difficulty in breathing and even nose and lung bleeding as some of them. And because of those health risks, it stressed that mold remediation is truly needed in a home.

However, it stated that one doesn't need to spend too big to get it done. So to help the public avoid an expensive mold treatment, it advised everyone to detect and eliminate the spores early. That way, it said, a massive infestation that needs a professional treatment could be prevented.

Of all the mold removal products though, My Cleaning Products only recommended the use of Molderizer and Safe Shield for a DIY mold treatment. It asserted that they are the best as both are effective and safe. While Molderizer could kill spores fast from roots to tips, it elaborated that Safe Shield could provide a protective barrier that prevents future infestations.

To prove those benefits true, it also encouraged everyone to try the solutions. It shared that it anyone could get Complimentary Samples of Molderizer and Safe Shield at


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