Black Mold Expected to Cost Collin County $500K, My Cleaning Products Shares a Way to Elude Such Huge Mold Expense

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Black mold treatment in Collin County building expected to cost $500,000, said a report. In response, My Cleaning Products introduced a technique how to evade such hefty expense to help mold victims.

Even with their organic ingredients...Molderizer could kill mold spores quickly and effectively...Safe Shield...holds off future infestation as it blocks more spores.

Black mold was discovered in an office building in Plano, Texas. And according to a news article from, it was causing Collin County a heavy financial problem. Meanwhile, wanting to help the public evade the same mold predicament, My Cleaning Products shared a way how to kill mold quick. It also recommended two mold removal products to make the process safe.

The report, which was published on October 23, 2013, determined that the contaminated building is at 900 East Park Boulevard, stated My Cleaning Products. It detailed that it is a 28-year-old building with water leaks that was said to be the cause of the mold problem.

As determined in the article, the contamination was discovered six weeks ago and damaged about 15% of the structure, MCP shared. And because of it, it relayed that two of the many county offices in the building was forced to close and temporarily transfer. Those two offices, it specified, were that of a community dental program and the county's veteran services.

So far, the contamination has already cost the county around $200,000, MCP specified based on the report. However, it added that it could still increase as the mold treatment isn't complete yet. It relayed that officials actually expect it to reach half-million dollars.

Here's a part of the post Mold Could Cost Collin County $500,000 by My Cleaning Products.

“An office building in Collin County in Plano, Texas was recently shut down. And it was because of the black mold discovered in some 15 percent of the structure.

The building houses several of the county's offices. A number of them had to stop their operation and transfer temporarily to give way to the undergoing mold cleaning. Among those offices are of the community dental program and the county's veteran services. Besides them, a private counseling firm also had to move out because of the mold problem.”

Besides causing health problems, My Cleaning Products stated that black mold could also bring in hefty spending. However, it said that huge expense could be avoided with prompt mold treatment.

If the spores are eliminated before they could widely spread, MCP stated that it would be easier to get rid of them. That, it pointed out, means a professional yet very costly mold treatment wouldn't be needed.

However, when doing the mold cleaning, MCP only advised the use of Molderizer and Safe Shield. It said that they are the best as both of them are effective and safe.

Even with their organic ingredients, the company elaborated that Molderizer could kill mold spores quickly and effectively. And because it changes their DNA make-up while doing that, it stated that it also prevents them from growing back. On the other hand, it shared that Safe Shield provides an additional layer to the surface. That layer, it detailed, holds off future infestation as it blocks more spores.

Considering all those benefits, MCP asserted that the two solutions are truly the best mold removal sprays one could purchase. And too see them in action, it also encouraged everyone to try the Molderizer and Safe Shield Complimentary Samples at

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