BPH and LUTS Treatment Standards Should Include Dr. Allen’s Device as Recent Study Says Men’s and their Partners’ Quality of Life Depends on Them

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Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) can be bothersome and have a negative impact on a patient's quality of life (QoL), says a recent study. Since common BPH treatment options may harm men’s general health, Fine Treatment underlines that a natural approach to prostate health with Dr. Allen’s Device is essential.

Men wish to avoid BPH surgeries whenever possible.

Dr. Allen’s Device helps with BPH and LUTS without drugs and surgeries

The users of Dr. Allen’s therapeutic device get lower urinary tract symptoms relief by terminating prostate enlargement ultimately.

LUTS/BPH is associated with high personal and societal costs, both in direct medical costs and indirect losses in daily functioning, and through its negative impact on the quality of life (QoL) of patients and their partners, says a recent review published in BJU International. In order to avoid high costs and support prostate health safely, Fine Treatment recommends a unique solution: costing only $155 only, Dr. Allen’s Device provides a natural and effective treatment for prostate enlargement and LUTS.

Burden of male lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) suggestive of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) – focus on the UK’ article in the BJU International, of October 16, 2014, says, European and USA studies have reported the major impact of LUTS on quality of life of the patient and their partner. LUTS are associated with high personal and societal costs, both in direct medical costs and indirect losses in daily functioning. As the prevalence of LUTS/BPH increases with age, the burden on the healthcare system and society is expected to increase due to the ageing population. While treatment costs in the UK are relatively low compared with many other countries, including USA, the burden on health services is still substantial.

“The standard medical treatment for BPH/LUTS is still based on alpha-blockers, 5ARIs or its combination,” says a review article titled ‘Current medical treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms/BPH: do we have a standard?’ published in the Current Opinion in Urology in January 2014. The article adds:

“In the future, it is expected that BPH/LUTS treatment will become individualized, according to the type of symptoms, presence of sexual dysfunction and risk of BPH progression. This will challenge our concept of standard treatment for BPH/LUTS.”

It is worrying that common BPH treatments have nasty side effects. For instance, current health guide in The New York Times on ‘Enlarged Prostate,’ reviewed on 9/20/2013, warns: alpha-blockers may cause dizziness lightheadedness, fainting, headache, and stuffy or runny nose; while 5α-reductase inhibitors (5ARI), including finasteride and dutasteride, cause erectile dysfunction and also may mask the presence of prostate cancer.

Contrary to medications, Dr. Allen’s Device provides a long-term independent treatment that can reverse the size of prostate enlargement (BPH) helping to protect men’s general health. This video gives more details about the enlarged prostate treatment with Dr. Allen’s Device for Prostate Care: http://youtu.be/V5xidswhxJM

“It is advisable that men start to maintain prostate health with Dr. Allen’s Device as soon as BPH has been diagnosed. The sooner they start, the greater is the chance that they won’t be taking risky prostate drugs for the rest of their life and will, consequently, avoid the nasty side effects of these drugs,” says Dr. Simon Allen. “The users of the therapeutic Dr. Allen’s Device achieve remarkable relief from the troubling lower urinary tract symptoms as their prostate enlargement subsides.”

For details, please visit Fine Treatment at http://finetreatment.com/bph-treatment-prostate-enlargement.

About Dr. Simon Allen and Fine Treatment:

Dr. Simon Allen, MD, PhD, Academician, member of the ATA, is a highly experienced medical professional specialising in internal medicine. He has treated a wide range of chronic diseases, including patients after a heart attack, with kidneys problems, including kidney stones disease, prostate and spine conditions, as well as metabolic disorders.

Fine Treatment ensures international availability of Dr. Allen’s Devices for the treatment of chronic prostatitis and BPH; coronary heart disease; for dissolving kidney stones; easing chronic headaches; and relieving upper spine tension, lower back pain and sciatica.

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