N2ITIV Solutions Reveals 8 Overlooked Techniques When Creating An Impactful Branding Campaign With Their Newest Training Module, "BRAND ACTIV-8"

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Gary Oneil from N2ITIV Solutions creates newest video module on how to create a powerful branding campaign entitled Brand Activ-8.


A brand’s living is in a brand’s giving. There is no such thing in the long term as getting, unless there is plenty of giving along the way.

N2ITIV Solutions, the blog for entrepreneurs and start-ups (created by MJ Gottlieb and Gary O'Neil), has released a new comprehensive video on how to create a powerful branding campaign. The module, entitled, "Brand ACTIV-8", highlights eight things a brand needs to do to create influence in the eyes of the consumer and create brand activation.

N2ITIV co-founder Gary O'Neil has created this newest training module. Having been a brand specialist for some of the top brands and celebrities in the world including JC Penney and media mogul Russel Simmons, O'Neil discusses how creating a brand framework is designed to make sure a brand sticks to the message and values they have created, as well as protect them from veering off course.

The training module was created to provide help for new businesses and discusses the following eight things a brand needs to do to create influence in the eyes of the consumer:

1)    Building Authority - The first part of the module talks about the necessity for companies to position both their brand and the people who work for their brand as experts and leaders in their industry. Examples of companies who are leaders are used to show how developing authority leads to the longevity of a brand’s customer base.

2)    Cause - One of the most important areas to learn when learning how to brand a new company is the importance of a company to create brand evangelists who are passionate about their brand and what it stands for. This section goes into detail about how to acquire customer advocates and brand evangelists to promote a product or service.

3)    Commitment - In this section, O'Neil discusses how a brand must live, act and stand by the commitments they have made to their customer, as commitment is the glue that sticks the brand to the customer.

4)    Reciprocity - In this section of the module, Activ-8 talks about the necessity of giving in order to get. O'Neil emphasizes the importance of understanding that, "a brand’s living is in a brand’s giving" and there is no such thing in the long term as getting, unless there is plenty of giving along the way.

5)    Social Proof - Here, O'Neil discusses how people use the behavior of others to determine how they act. He stresses the importance for brands to contact other leaders and people in the eye of the public in order to start the process of promotion of a product or service.

6)    Urgency - In this section of Activ-8, O'Neil discusses the importance of showing a sense of urgency to buy a product or service and discusses ways to create that sense of urgency in order to gain more customers.

7)    Destination - Destination is all about creating relevant real estate in the mind of your customer so that when your customer has a need for a product or service in your particular niche, they go to your brand first, your destination. O'Neil uses examples to highlight this point.

8)    Social Currency - In the final section, O'Neil talks about what and how much someone shares being directly proportional to how that individual values what it is he or she is sharing. O'Neil discusses the importance of sharing content in order to create as much social currency for a brand as possible

The entire module can be viewed on N2ITIV Solutions website. To access the module directly, click here.

N2ITIV Solutions, founded by MJ Gottlieb and Gary O'Neil, is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the implementation of creative business strategies to help aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses increase their brand awareness and monetize their businesses. The N2ITIV website is an entrepreneur and startup blog offering advice learned through Gottlieb and O’Neil’s experience owning and operating five companies over the last 21 years.

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