Breaking Bourbon Ventures Forth With Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Voyage 15 Straight Bourbon Whiskey - AVAILABLE NOW at

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Cask Cartel brings online a very unique bourbon that has traveled across the world, only to be tasted by fine-drinks lovers: Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Voyage 15 Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Breaking Bourbon ( also shared their experience with this Aged at Sea series bourbon in a thorough review

Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Voyage 15 - A unique, intriguing flavor that asks for another sip

“This asking-to-be-called-a-gimmick bourbon series has somehow defied expectations and slowly morphed into an exciting and unique tasting proof of concept.” – Eric from Breaking Bourbon.

Cask Cartel offers a highly-sought after premium bourbon: Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Voyage 15 Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Recently there has been a huge request from consumers and Cask Carted is supplying their demand.

Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Voyage 15 takes the refined bourbon drinker in a sensorial journey across seas and oceans. Not only has it been aged at sea, but the journey takes place across the equator 4 times as well as stopping in 5 continents. It is hard to find another bourbon of its kind. Why spend money on tickets when anyone can get a little taste of the salty sea air, literally, with this fabulous whiskey?

Started as a fun, then scientific experiment, the Ocean series studies the effects that perpetual motion of the ship rolling in the seas, temperature fluctuations, salt water air exposure. The unique environmental elements create dark gold bourbon with a distinctive flavor profile.

By replacing rye (previously used in the bourbons of previous Ocean’s voyages) with wheat, Jefferson’s Ocean 15 provides a softer and subtler flavor profile, allowing the vanillas from the wood and the sweetness from the corn to raise prominently to the surface, bringing with it a lifeline of salty accents that only the oceans air can provide.

Breaking Bourbon has offered more insights on this experimental drink. Jefferson’s Ocean Voyage 15 aroma, taste and finish have been carefully analyzed:

  • Nose. Noticeably light, this bourbon’s nose arrives on a whisper. Butterscotch and vanilla dominate with a slight burst of caramel and youthful oak on the tail-end. Its sweetness is dominant despite its overall thinness. There are only generic bourbon flavors on display, which struggle to be memorable.
  • Palate. A thin yet oily mouthfeel delivers big oak on the first sip. Clove, pepper, grain, and burnt caramel join the fray, producing an interesting interplay of flavors. I can’t say I’ve had many bourbons that taste in the same wheelhouse as this one. Sure some may include similar flavors, but it’s the exchange of the flavors that make this particular palate unique and noteworthy.
  • Finish. Seasoned oak, allspice, wet cedar, dill, pecans, and fresh sourdough make up this peculiar finish. Slight heat and an almost phantom-like hint of cinnamon develop in the tail end. Like the palate, there is a lot going on in the finish, and while it doesn’t all blend together perfectly, it’s rather intriguing and asks for another sip.

Breaking Bourbon members were completely satisfied by the refinement and unique taste brought by Jefferson’s Voyage 15. “What can easily be seen as a gimmick to some, in my experience, has resulted in some of the most unique tasting bourbons I've had in the last few years. When I go to my shelf for a pour, in an endless sea of like-tasting bourbons, it’s often the one-of-a-kind tasting bourbons that win out. If the last few Voyages are any indication of the type of products that Zoeller has turned the series into, I say “All aboard.” – Eric from Breaking Bourbon.

Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea Voyage 15 Straight Bourbon Whiskey is currently available for purchase at

About Breaking Bourbon

Breaking Bourbon was created by 3 lifelong friends who share the same common passion for bourbon and whiskey. The website keeps fine drinkers constantly updated with the latest reviews, deals, news and brand comparisons. It is a place where people can get honest reviews and opinions.

About Jefferson's Bourbon

Jefferson's Bourbon was launched in 1997 by Trey Zoeller, a native Kentuckian, and his father Chet, a bourbon historian. Jefferson's produces several varieties of bourbon and rye, including some limited edition offerings. Kentucky Artisan Distillery is the official home for Jefferson's Bourbon and here most of the distilling, blending, aging and bottling takes place.

About Cask Cartel

Cask Cartel was founded in 2014 and brought online in 2018. It is a company that comprises a team with over 4 decades of experience in the alcohol beverage industry. Cask Cartel has extensive relationships with distilleries and master distilleries across the US and the rest of the world. The company has developed an E-Premise Marketplace that’s transforming the way alcohol is shopped, sold and shared online by combining the widest range of selection of allocated items and limited releases.

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