Alliance Accounting, Business Advisers From Sydney, Urge Tony Abbott’s New Australian Government to Solve Small Business GST Crisis

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As the Australian small business sector struggles to meet its regular tax commitments, Alliance Accounting is urging the new Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, to pledge his support to a taxation review before countless jobs are lost.

George Germanos

George Germanos

This will benefit the individual businesses and the community thanks to increased jobs, which in turn will create an increase in income tax revenue to bolster our country’s economy as a whole.

Leading industry voice and Managing Director of Alliance Accounting has issued an urgent plea to the newly formed Liberal government led by Mr Tony Abbott. Mr George Germanos, a business accountant from Sydney, has called for a review of the taxation system to assist small businesses with high labour costs, before they drown under the weight of ever-growing tax debts.

As Mr Germanos reveals, “Many small businesses are finding it harder and harder to run their businesses, let alone attempt to thrive in today’s economic climate.”

“In particular those which are primarily labour intensive; most commonly found in the construction and manufacturing industries. These hard-working small businesses are struggling to meet their regular BAS and GST commitments, as unlike other expenses, labour does not have a GST component.”

In the opinion of Alliance Accounting, the lack of GST on wages can cause dire implications for small businesses with high labour costs, as they are unable to use it to offset the GST credits on their sales.

Mr Germanos further illustrates this point, saying, “If Company A earns $550,000 in sales and has a $550,000 wages component, then they will need to find $50,000 to pay for the GST on their sales as their wage expenses does not allow for a GST credit and is not able to be used offset the GST payable on the sales.”

“However, if Company B earns $550,000 in sales but has minimal wages and has other expenses which include GST that total $550,000, they are in a truly breakeven scenario. Company B will have nil to pay the Australian Tax Office as the GST credit on their expenses will cancel out the GST payable on their sales.”

Mr Germanos believes there is no time to waste and appeals directly to the newly elected Prime Minister, saying, “Mr Abbott, it’s time to stop hurting small businesses. It is crucial that the tax system is reviewed so small business is given the opportunity it needs to grow and thrive.”

“This will benefit the individual businesses and the community thanks to increased jobs, which in turn will create an increase in income tax revenue to bolster our country’s economy as a whole.”

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