Chicago Texting Accident Lawyer at Ronaldson & Kuchler Weighs in on Report about Texting and Driving Laws in Illinois

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Chicago personal injury attorney Glenn C. Ronaldson is asked about a news report stating that Illinois law enforcement officials aim to crack down on driver cellphone use.

It’s our hope that through consistent enforcement of the state’s new cellphone ban, drivers will think twice before sending a text or answering a call.

Commenting on a news article detailing Illinois' ban of all hand-held devices for drivers, Chicago texting accident attorney Glenn C. Ronaldson of Ronaldson & Kuchler Law Offices said today that drivers need to remember that texting and talking can have consequences that stretch far beyond citations or fines.

A Quad-City Times article published on January 2 (“The toughest new law of all”) reported that Illinois’ newest cellphone ban went into effect in 2014. While laws exist in the state to prevent teen drivers from using their cellphone while driving, the new law allows Illinois police to pull over any driver seen holding both a cellphone and the steering wheel at the same time, according to the article.

“The Ronaldson & Kuchler Law Offices stands firmly behind the Illinois legislators and law enforcement officials who made this important new law a reality,” Ronaldson said. “We have seen first-hand the devastating impact of distracted driving accidents. It’s no secret that texting and talking while behind-the-wheel can have serious consequences. It’s our hope that through consistent enforcement of the state’s new cellphone ban, drivers will think twice before sending a text or answering a call.”

According to the Quad-City Times article, police who observe a driver talking on the phone or sending a text message can be pulled over and issued a $75 ticket. The Quad-City Times article reported that over the course of a recent rush hour study, close to one-fourth of all drivers were observed using their cellphones.

Although drivers are banned from hand-held phone use, a number of legal, hands-free options exist. Drivers who use Bluetooth devices or who have vehicle-equipped cellphone docking stations face no risk of tickets, the report stated.

“Many scientific studies find that both texting and talking on a cellphone while driving can dramatically increase accident risk,” Ronaldson said. “Despite these findings, drivers continue to make irresponsible choices every day in Illinois. Some drivers don’t think that an accident can happen to them, but we have handled many cases involving victims of accidents caused by distracted drivers.“

Ronaldson said attorneys can help pursue compensation for injury victims and families who lost loved ones in distracted driver accidents. He said a lawyer can send a message that careless behavior will not be tolerated on Illinois roads.

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