Carmel IN Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches New Program to Fight Off Drug Addiction

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Many people are wandering around in a daze because they have become addicted to drugs at a fast, life-threatening pace and need help. For a no-cost consultation, call 317-218-7027.

Carmel IN Alcohol Drug Rehab is launching a new program to fight off the stranglehold of drug addiction that has adults and adolescents living less than normal lives in Carmel and surrounding towns.

Too many people have stories from their own families or others where someone close to them has gotten caught up in today's drug culture. The drug addict is snorting cocaine, shooting up heroin, smoking marijuana joints, or popping prescription pills left and right. This person does not see how his or her actions are affecting others and, in reality, themselves. All that matters is today's substance of choice, then tomorrow's and the next day's. It is a vicious cycle of addiction.

The new program in Carmel begins with a serious detoxification program, one that makes sure an adult or adolescent cleanses their physical body from all addictive drugs. Next, the program sends people into an intensive rehabilitation area so they can grasp mentally and emotionally how much they have hurt themselves and others. Counselors and therapists on staff facilitate individual and group sessions, harnessing the power of 12-step work along with additional therapeutic methods. A mixture of new dietary plans, exercise routines and outdoor activities give the person another chance to live a healthy life. The center's staff knows how difficult it is for drug addicts to give up their habits. But they have seen people who came in with literally nothing inside themselves and become fully functional in society again, able to pay bills, get to work on time and make peace with their loved ones.

It is through a program like this one at the Carmel drug rehab that brings out the best in people. Plus, it provides a great impetus toward healing and getting rid of drugs for good. The center is ready, willing and able to help any person that needs and wants it.

Click here for more information about Carmel IN Alcohol Drug Rehab. For a no-cost consultation, call 317-218-7027.

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