Houston, TX Attorney Gene S. Hagood Comments on Article about Proposed Texting While Driving Ban

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The personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Gene S. Hagood offers tips for drivers to resist the temptation to use a smart phone behind the wheel.

Regardless of what type of action Texas lawmakers take on this proposed bill, every driver can make the right choice and not use a cell phone or smart phone while behind the wheel.

Houston car accident lawyer Gene S. Hagood of the Law Office of Gene S. Hagood today offered advice for drivers who are tempted to text or talk on their cell phones.

Attorney Hagood’s comments came in response to a March 5 article about texting and driving in the Houston Chronicle (“Panel hears testimony in favor of ban on texting while driving”). The article included anecdotes from families of accident victims and safety advocates. In considering a proposed bill to ban texting while driving, Texas lawmakers on March 5 heard testimony from people affected by texting-related accidents.

Only six states, including Texas, have no statewide ban on texting and driving. A proposed bill in Texas would make texting while driving a class C misdemeanor, according to the Chronicle.

A statewide texting ban would save lives, according to the Chronicle, which quoted a researcher from Texas A&M who found that a ban on texting would result in 90 fewer deaths each year.

Hagood said texting while driving is a type of negligence that can have grave consequences.

“I’ve handled many difficult cases involving distracted driving,” Hagood said. “Someone who chooses to look at or type a text message while driving is making a careless choice. The driver is putting everyone else at risk.”

Hagood said drivers should make the responsible choice of driving free of distraction.

“Regardless of what type of action Texas lawmakers take on this proposed bill, every driver can make the right choice and not use a cell phone or smart phone while behind the wheel,” Hagood said. “While texting and driving has been found to be a dangerous act, studies also have found that talking on a cell phone is a distraction that can increase the chances of causing an accident.”

Attorney Hagood offered the following tips for drivers to avoid the temptation to use a phone for any reasons while behind the wheel:

  • Keep the phone out of driver’s reach
  • Use an app that prevents texting and driving
  • Turn the phone on to “silent” mode
  • Completely power down the phone
  • Let a passenger monitor the driver’s phone

“Drivers can do their part to stop texting, but people get injured or die every die in Texas distracted driving accidents,” Hagood said. “Personal injury attorneys can help victims and families who lost loved ones fight for compensation. A lawyer can hold the negligent driver accountable and send a message that careless or reckless acts behind the wheel won’t be tolerated on Texas roads.”

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