ChakraKey - New Book Reveals the Human Spiritual Design

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Written by Rick Ireton and published by the Love, Peace and Freedom Foundation, ‘ChakraKey: A Key for Humanity’ is a "User Guide" for your life. Offering easy-to-understand info graphics, color illustrations, and simple beautiful language, Ireton's work is for anyone who wishes for greater peace, clarity and insight.


To the average person, the meaning of life may not make much sense.

Author Rick Ireton believes he may have found the answer within three ancient symbols that interlink to form a diagram of the human spiritual design. This information is coupled with Hindu wisdom of the chakra system in an easy-to-understand handbook detailing the spiritual realities of life. Offering info-graphics, color illustrations, and simple, beautiful language, ChakraKey is for anyone who wishes for greater peace, clarity, and insight.

“It is through understanding our human spiritual design that we are able to manage our bodies, and live in the light of love as spiritual beings. Within the Guide, you will learn of your connection to Mother Nature, which you can see in the rainbow, hear in a scale of music, and feel within your heart. We intuitively know that we are more than flesh and bones, yet up until now, we have lacked evidence of this connection. We now have evidence as clear as the colors within the rainbow.”

ChakraKey will be an inspiration for those who may have given up on the idea of spirituality being a subject of any serious consideration. ChakraKey presents objective reasoning, and love, to the topic of spirituality in a new thought provoking way. “The benefits of understanding one’s spiritual nature are many. In addition to bringing one inner power and peace of mind, this book will help you to see life with greater clarity, make better choices, and to live guided by love, and your highest spiritual expression.”

Since its release the book has earned glowing reviews:

“I am in awe. I just love this book. Very inspiring and heartwarming. This book gave me a new realization about the importance of having equilibrium in mind, body & spirit. I am very inspired to seek a whole new level of my spiritual being. I am very uplifted after reading this masterpiece.” - Athira Clariz (Sarasota, USA)

”Many people "kind of-sort of" know what chakras are, but their relevance to us is mostly hazy. This book shines a light on that nebulous concept of our chakras and reveals the subtleties beneath life's physical surface, a place where most people get stuck. Author Ireton helps make the unseeable seeable with this fascinating hands-on chakra "user guide." We are more than simply these bodies, these thinking minds. Since reading this book I have become more attuned to seeing the world, and other humans, through these new eyes. What a gift. I highly recommend.” Stephen Keys - Encinitas, CA

“An authentic gem for spiritual seekers and everyone who wants to know more about our energetic and spiritual human design. Almost all of us have at least a vague notion of the chakra system as our energy body; however, for me, this book opened a new and fascinating door to explore the intricate connections and links between the chakras, the rainbow, the prism, the music scale, and the most intriguing of all, the seven-candle Jewish Menorah. This is very powerful information; it sheds new light on the question of our identity and purpose, for us to evolve and live according to our highest selves. I must warn you, though, that this is not a book you read in one sitting, and then you set it aside. It makes you think; it makes you examine your drives, your motives, the things that move you and the things you reject, your vision of the world. It makes you reflect on the real meaning of words we use without giving them much thought, like love, balance, and integrity. And you'll find some interesting things about yourself with the Personal Assessment and worksheet provided at the end of the book. This book is a great tool to know and understand yourself and your fellow humans and, most importantly, it conveys a message of hope for us living in this complex, troubled and awesome world. The best thing you can do is read it, cherish it, and give it as a gift to family and friends. What a wonderful world it would be if we all lived guided by love and our highest spiritual expression!” Maria Rose - San Diego, CA

ChakraKey - color books are available on for $12.95:

About the Author:

Rick is a graduate from San Bernardino Valley College, a father, business man, inventor, spiritual seeker, and writer. Rick lives with his dog Mila in Cardiff by the Sea, CA.

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Color Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9891894-0-8
ChakraKey ©2012 -136 Pages
For more information: (760) 518-1602

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