Chicago Immigration Lawyer Discusses Human Rights and the Gaza-Israel Conflict

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The Palestinian Ambassador in Mexico, Munjed Saleh, spoke to Chicago Immigration Attorney Matthew Katz on "El derecho del Pueblo" regarding the Gaza-Israel conflict and expressed his sincere opinions about the recent attacks.

The Ambassador of Palestine in Mexico, Munjed Saleh

The Ambassador of Palestine in Mexico, Munjed Saleh

I am very pleased to have this great friendship and bond with our dear friends from the Palestinian Embassy in Mexico,” says Chicago Immigration Lawyer Matthew Katz.

Gaza and Israel have been involved in one of their most heated conflicts in years. However, fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip is currently on hold since both sides have agreed to a ceasefire after seven weeks of war. The last seven weeks of war have been filled with some of the deadliest violence in years amidst a series of unsuccessful truces. According to NBC News, more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed during the seven-week stretch of fighting, around 11,000 were injured and over 10,000 buildings were damaged. On the Israeli side, there have been 69 deaths, almost all of which were soldiers.

Recently, Chicago immigration lawyer Matthew Katz interviewed the Ambassador of Palestine in Mexico, Munjed Saleh, on his radio show “El derecho del Pueblo”. Katz met Ambassador Saleh on a trip to Mexico earlier this year and took this recent opportunity to catch up with him to discuss his knowledge of and sincere opinions on the current Gaza-Israel conflict.

“As a lawyer and Jew myself, in the struggle for human rights and immigrants in the United States, I was pleased to welcome the chance to speak to a great friend, Munjed Saleh. He has a lot of heart and wisdom because he talks about the great pain he feels as his people are suffering. I am very pleased to have this great friendship and bond with our dear friends from the Palestinian Embassy in Mexico who are our cousins and brothers who support the struggle for a world of peace, love, respect and coexistence between our peoples,” says Chicago Immigration Lawyer Matthew Katz.

During the interview, Munjed Saleh compared the Gaza-Israel conflict to the holocaust.

“It has happened in Europe and unfortunately, now there is a holocaust against the Palestinian people. What happened in Gaza is terrible under all international standards. It’s terrible on international ethics; it’s terrible on the human sense. Why employ the most sophisticated weapons of war arsenal of Israel and the United States unfortunately against people, against a defenseless people,” says the Ambassador of Palestine in Mexico, Munjed Saleh.

Saleh also touched on the point that civilians along with their homes, churches and mosques have been targeted during this conflict and that more than 400 children have been killed amongst the devastating violence.

Saleh says, “I was watching the news today refer to the recent conflict as a tsunami that happened in Gaza, but it is not a natural tsunami; not that the sea is a tsunami against Gaza, but from the hands of human beings. These humans who should have learned from the lessons of history, who should have been very sensitive to kill civilians, commit genocide against another people, they should have been very sensitive to the lessons of history.”

To watch more of Munjed Saleh’s interview on “El derecho del Pueblo” click here.

The legal talk radio show, "El derecho del Pueblo” (The People’s Right) is hosted on, but can also be heard on 1450 AM between 10:00am-12:00pm central Monday-Friday. Chicago Immigration Attorney, Matthew Katz, of Katz Law Office, Ltd. hosts the show along with co-hosts Mario Cornejo and Luis Fernandez. Since 1989, Katz has been an organizer and participant in various community initiatives and forms of social activism to improve the human condition and work to ensure that the civil rights to which we are all entitled are protected. To watch more episodes of “El derecho del Pueblo” or download the show on iTunes click here.

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