Marko Rubel, CEO of Turn-Key Systems, Inc announces a 4-Day Real Estate Investment Seminar in Chicago from September 27th-30th

Marko Rubel has a long history of providing practical education, proven approaches and time-tested strategies that can help new and seasoned real estate investors create wealth safely and conservatively. Marko's company, Turn-Key Systems, Inc will be conducting a 4-day real estate seminar in Chicago from September 27th-30th.

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My goal is to enable other investors with drive and determination to duplicate my own success and achieve real wealth through investing in real estate.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 24, 2013

CEO of San Diego based Turn-Key Systems Inc., speaker and author, master investor, and business coach, Marko Rubel announced he will be conducting a 4-day real estate seminar on ‘Making Money with Foreclosures and Short Sales’ in Chicago from September 27th-30th. During the seminar, Rubel will personally share his business with attendees for over 35 power hours, with no other speakers. Over hundreds and hundreds of successful transactions and millions in generated profit, his strategies are tuned to help regular people achieve wealth regardless of their present situation.

This paid event comprising 4-day business training with a limited number of complimentary seats is geared towards helping investors benefit even more from Marko Rubel’s hard work over the last 10 years. The seminar will cover everything including, but not limited to finding the best deals, 5 ways of structuring deals in foreclosure, negotiating with 3 different types of sellers, 4 strategies to sell quickly in a slow market, and much more.

Speaking about his mission, Marko Rubel , the owner and principal of Turn-Key Systems, Inc. says, “My goal is to enable other investors with drive and determination to duplicate my own success and achieve real wealth through investing in real estate.“ Turn-Key Systems Inc.’s mission is to be the preeminent real estate investment education company, offering products, education, and systems based on real world applications, not on theory. Rubel has built his reputation on delivering time-tested, proven, down to earth, practical strategies that go behind regular ‘get rich quick’ hype that is overwhelmingly present in the real estate investing education world.

Marko Rubel, one of the country’s most respected and trusted sources on investing is listed in the National Register’s “Who’s Who in Real Estate Executives & Professionals.” Over 15 years as an active investor, Marko’s proven ability to help clients become successful investors has earned him an Expert Status on the National Real Estate Investor board, which represents over 40,000 investors nationwide.

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