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China is a large corn supplier and consumer worldwide, with its corn industry playing an important role in the agricultural industry nationwide. However, China’s corn starch and corn alcohol, the main application fields of corn, have met overcapacity in recent years. Thus, the Chinese government has endeavored to regulate the development of the domestic corn industry through a series of policies, some of which were adopted to restrict the overgrowth of corn starch, while others were employed to stimulate the development of corn deep processing and corn by-products, such as corn gluten meal and amino acids.

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Corn cob is the corn rod without shelled corn, which is a by-product of corn that can’t be widely utilized in industrial production so far. Corn gluten meal, together with corn oil and corn steep liquor, is the main byproduct of corn starch. With its high protein content, it is widely used in the feed industry.

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DDGS, a kind of corn alcohol by-product, is widely used in feed. Since 2009, a large amount of imported DDGS has been spreading out through the Chinese market. Affected by this, domestic DDGS producers have had to face more intense competition from the overseas market. To mitigate the pressure suffered by domestic producers, the Chinese government carried out an anti-dumping survey on the imported DDGS. The report analyzed the current competition between home-made DDGS and its overseas counterpart. You can find answers to such questions as: Along with the execution of China’s anti-dumping survey, how will domestic DDGS producers break through the challenges from the overseas DDGS suppliers? Will there be a possibility for domestic producers to grab back the DDGS market?

On the same line, genetically modified crops (GM crop) is the focus of the world’s agricultural biotechnology research. The main varieties of those GM crops include rice, cotton, corn, wheat and soybeans.

At present, China has approved to issue genetically modified organisms (GMO) safety certificates for seven kinds of GM crops ( such as GM cotton, GM tomato, GM poplar, GM morning glory, etc. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture has issued imported safety certificates of GM cotton, GM soybean, GM corn and GM cole, in which only GM cotton is popularized in large scale. GM soybean and GM corn are in the trial and environmental release testing stages, which have not yet started the commercial planting. But in recent years, among China’s imports of corn and soybeans, genetically modified varieties of these two products account for a large share.

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Stimulated by governmental support, China’s GM crops are developing quickly and have gained a lot of achievements in the last few years, especially in GM cotton and GM rice. But there are still many problems.

Government and researchers are the main bodies to support GM crops’ commercial production in China. In addition, grain supply risk and environmental protection are also driving GM crops’ commercial production. On the contrary, some citizens’ and international public opinions oppose GM crops’ commercial production. However, their power is weak.

GM corn may also realize the commercial production in China in a few years due to the more mature technology and the large demand now, compared with the immature technology of GM soybean and GM wheat.

Undoubtedly, the future development of GM crops will encounter many uncertain risks, while there will be plenty of opportunities. On the whole the opportunities outweigh risks in GM crops industry in China.

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