Cosmetic Laser Dermatology Reveals 10 Crucial Do's and Don'ts for Effective Dermatology Treatment

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Board-certified dermatologists Dr. Sabrina Fabi and Dr. Douglas Wu at CLDerm discuss what patients should and shouldn't do in order to get the best cosmetic dermatology results possible.

"Not only are our doctors board-certified and highly experienced, but many of us have contributed to the field of aesthetic medicine through research and clinical trials,” said Dr. Wu.

As renowned, board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Sabrina G. Fabi and Dr. Douglas C. Wu have seen and heard the dangers and downsides of patients who do not do their research and undergo cosmetic dermatology treatments from unqualified practitioners or worse, using at-home devices. The field of cosmetic dermatology is in the midst of a renaissance and every other month a new treatment or device is launched, promising everlasting youthful skin and flawless results. It can be difficult to sift through the hype in order to enjoy the benefits of the latest that medical and cosmetic technology has to offer. As always, it is best to consult the professionals.

“There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings when it comes to cosmetic dermatology,” said Dr. Sabrina G. Fabi, MD, of San Diego-based Cosmetic Laser Dermatology. “We frequently treat patients who have been dissatisfied with the results of some treatment they received from an unqualified doctor. In some cases, we have to try to reverse the effects of a poorly executed laser session, which is why it is so important to inform potential patients about what not to do. ”

Dr. Fabi and Dr. Wu both agree that the top things you should do when it comes to cosmetic skin treatments include:

1. Go to a board-certified specialist. Training and experience are vital when it comes to undergoing a skin treatment involving needles, lasers, or body contouring devices. DO find an accredited dermatologist with a strong track record of success in the treatment you are interested in undergoing.

2. DO your research. Learn as much as possible about the treatment you are interested in beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings about the procedure and the potential outcome.

3. If thinking about having a laser treatment done, DO go to a practice that has many lasers and devices so that the most appropriate treatment is recommended and can be customized to your problem and skin type. Avoid going to practices with less than a handful of devices.

4. DO go in to your consultation with an open mind. If you are seeing an expert, they do this regularly and can assess you in a three-dimensional manner that you can only do “two-dimensionally.” They may recommend something you didn't think of because they have the knowledge to treat the cause, not the symptom that brings you in.

5. DO make sure to ask that the physician will be the person administering treatment and that you won't be handed off to someone else.

“Unfortunately, patients who want to get amazing results right away while also shopping for the cheapest deals are actually putting their health and well-being at risk,” added Dr. Douglas C. Wu. “It's tempting to want to get the same cosmetic treatment as a celebrity for super cheap, but just because one practitioner is offering Botox, for example, does not mean that he or she can achieve the same natural-looking results or provide the high-quality care as a board-certified dermatologist.”

When it comes to what you should avoid when it comes to cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Fabi and Dr. Wu agree on the following:

1. DON'T forget that you get what you pay for - your face and your health is in your practitioner's hands. Many injectable procedures require a high level of skill and training to perform safely and properly. This level of service may be more costly, but well worth it. Learn more about injectable treatments at

2. DON'T embark on a procedure you do not feel 100% comfortable with or that you do not understand fully. These are elective procedures and you can always continue to seek your physician's advice until you are fully satisfied that you know exactly what you're getting into.

3. DON'T forget to tell your physician what other injectables and laser treatments you have had done before and how long ago, as well as what topical treatments you are applying to your face, to avoid negative reactions with the procedures you are investing in.

4. DON'T forget to ask your doctor about other ways you can help prevent the signs of aging at home. A dermatologist can provide the information you need to keep your skin healthy.

5. Maintain your skin after every procedure by practicing good sun safety habits and skin care regimen. DON'T forget to protect your investment.

“When it comes to your skin, you want to know that you are in the hands of a professional who knows as much as possible about how to treat each patient's unique skin concerns,” said Dr. Wu. “At our dermatology practice, not only are our doctors board-certified and highly experienced, but many of us have contributed to the field of aesthetic medicine through research and clinical trials.”

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