Clint Winters and Winters Biotechnology Announce DualPolar™ Extraction Method Patent Filing

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Winter’s Biotechnology, led by medical scientist and investor Clint Winters, announces patent filing on the DualPolar™ active ingredient extraction method.

“As we continue to innovate with our natural conolidine line of ingredients, our DualPolar™ innovation has become an essential technology. Our DualPolar™ process has been the only way we can achieve a truly full-spectrum alkaloid extraction.” - Clint Winters

Clint Winters and Winters Biotechnology have announced patent filings with their proprietary DualPolar™ active ingredient extraction process.

The DualPolar™ innovation marks a significant advancement in the creation of novel and effective dietary ingredients.

Traditionally raw ingredient extractions are performed with a “single solvent” extraction meaning the production lab uses one solvent in the entire process.

In the past, this has traditionally been ethyl alcohol or warm water.

Over the past year, Winters Biotechnology has been secretly testing and honing a novel dual solvent extraction approach.

This process is now named DualPolar™ extraction.

As of today, this process is now under complete patent protection, with a total of three individual patents protecting the entire process.

Medical Scientist Clint Winters had this to say about the filing...

“After rigorous testing, the DualPolar™ extraction system has shown much better efficacy when it comes to performing a ‘full spectrum’ nutrient extraction, especially when it involves a raw ingredient with many active ingredients and varying polarities.”

DualPolar™ extraction has been especially valuable when developing variations of natural conolidine, a flagship Winters Biotechnology ingredient invention.

Mr. Winters went on to say,

“As we continue to innovate with our natural conolidine line of ingredients, our DualPolar™ innovation has become an essential technology. The raw ingredient, Tabernaemontana divaricata, contains 66 alkaloids with varying polarities. Our DualPolar™ process has been the only way we can achieve a truly full-spectrum alkaloid extraction.”

When active ingredients are extracted from raw material, like a plant, the solvent acts like a magnet separating the active compounds from the plant and suspending them in a liquid form for eventual consumption or absorption.

This magnetic separation effect is called “polarity.”

During the early days, Winters Biotechnology only used single solvent extraction methods, which was industry standard but not 100% effective.

This problem is what led efforts into developing a DualPolar™ or dual solvent extraction method.

The goal was to achieve a 100% full-spectrum extraction regardless of the host raw material.

This method is able to effectively extract all active ingredients inside of a compound, rendering it far more effective than a single solvent extraction.

This had led to far more potent ingredient inventions.

Over the past year of testing, other essential benefits have been discovered as well.

Firstly, the DualPolar™ method naturally adds terpenes to the final extraction liquid.

Recently, terpenes (made famous by CBD) have been vastly studied for their copious medicinal benefits.

They are a significant advancement in everything from pain relief to anti-aging.

Secondly, the DualPolar™ method has created a highly absorbable liquid that can quickly absorb sublingually or transdermally.

In fact, this process is now crucial in two other Winters Biotechnology innovations - The SubNano™ and TransNano™ nutrient delivery systems.

Research shows that the DualPolar™ extraction method assists with blood-brain barrier passage, a significant obstacle for many natural nutrients.

Finally, it should be noted that the DualPolar™ extraction method can be used to extract thousands of raw materials yielding a potent active ingredient extraction.

Many believe the DualPolar™ method is the future of natural extraction science and will lead to the most potent natural dietary ingredients in history.

You can learn more about Winters Biotechnology and the DualPolar™ extraction system by visiting

Winters Biotechnology is a medical innovation firm based in Alpharetta, GA. The company is wholly owned by Private Equity Firm Winters Capital Investments and was founded by medical scientist, entrepreneur, entertainment figure, and investor Clint Winters. The firm focuses explicitly on creating unique dietary ingredients and innovative nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing methods that can be licensed by manufacturers.

In addition to the DualPolar™ patent filing, Mr. Winters has also filed two patents with the conolidine alkaloid natural pain killer and an additional patent in relation to the enhancement of CBD.

The firm is currently developing two novel drug delivery mechanisms that will be under patent by the end of the year.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Winters developed and patented a non-thermal infrared technology that is now being used for accelerated healing and pain relief.

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