PowerPatent Releases Proprietary Patent Application Software

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PowerPatent announces the launch of cloud-based patent application software to help inventors prepare provisional, design, and utility patent applications in a cost-effective manner with full patent-attorney backup.


Intelligent software such as PowerPatent’s system helps guide users through the confusing patent application process with full lawyer support if needed.

PowerPatent, a Silicon Valley software applications company, recently launched its online patent workflow desktop software, ProvisionalBuilder® and UtilityBuilder®, having spent the past year converting it to a cloud-based model. “The advantage of the cloud-based model is its ease of access,” said Bao Tran, founder of PowerPatent Inc. “Intelligent software such as PowerPatent’s system helps guide users through the confusing patent application process with full lawyer support if needed.”

The software is ideal for individual inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and universities that need to quickly draft and file strong, high-quality patent applications to protect their ideas and intellectual property. The software can even help patent-seekers who have never seen a patent application before by allowing them to search and then use exemplary patents as templates to create their own patent applications.

“This helps people who have never seen a patent before become familiar with the format of professionally drafted patents,” said Tran. “Once the user completes the description of the invention, the software presents a checklist to help identify common mistakes that should be fixed, allowing even novice users to generate a professional quality patent application on their own. Of course, full lawyer backups are available for those who seek assistance.”

UtilityBuilder® builds on top of ProvisionalBuilder® by adding visual claim sketching and claim analysis capabilities. The visual claiming enables inexperienced applicants to be able to prepare utility patent applications in a structured manner.

The new software enables collaboration between the inventor and an attorney to increase quality while reducing time and cost in preparing a patent application. According to an IPWatchdog article, depending on the type of invention, using an attorney can be expensive. For an “extremely simple” invention, such as an electric switch, coat hanger or paper clip, for example, the cost ranges from $5,000-7,000; and goes all the way up to “highly complex,” which ranges from $14,000-16,000, such as MRI scanners, telecommunication networking systems, and satellite technologies, for example.

“ProvisionalBuilder® offers intuitive usability to the novice inventor, while the documentation and help videos do a great job explaining the provisional patenting process,” said Mark Reyland, executive director of the United Inventors Association of America. “First-time patent filers will find it to be a useful and valuable tool.”

About PowerPatent
PowerPatent is a privately held software applications company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Its products are designed and developed by a team of legal, software, user experience and web design professionals. Its mission is to democratize the intellectual property (IP) ecosystem. For more information, please call (408) 528-7490, or visit http://www.powerpatent.com.

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