Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine Uses the Effectiveness Score Index to Drive Real Results for Patients

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Jvion’s Effectiveness Score Index (ESI) approach is helping providers make sense of the complex predictive solution landscape that has erupted across the healthcare industry.

ESI will help providers differentiate between vendors with real solutions and those who are simply riding the market wave

In a landscape in which many healthcare vendors claim to have a predictive solution, cognitive science leader Jvion is working to clear the noise. During a recent presentation, Jvion data science leaders introduced the idea of the Effectiveness Score Index (ESI) to help illustrate and mitigate the accuracy fallacy inherent to many of the predictive solutions on the market.

According to the presentation, the accuracy fallacy implies greater precision than what actually exists. For example, a disease could impact one in one-hundred people or 1% of the population. A predictive solution could predict that 100 out of the 100 people will not get the disease. The accuracy fallacy is that the solution is 99% accurate. In fact, the solution is 100% inaccurate at identifying the at-risk individuals.

ESI is designed to help providers mitigate the accuracy fallacy and provide a framework for better assessing the effectiveness and applicability of a solution. The ESI measures the ability of a solution to pin point patients who are truly at risk of a condition and provide patient-level action recommendations. It serves as a baseline comparison point that clarifies the actual potential impact that a solution can have on a population.

“The ESI is critically needed as the market is flooding with hundreds of solutions that carry the “predictive” label,” explained the presenter. “ESI will help providers differentiate between vendors with real solutions and those who are simply riding the market wave.”

About Jvion
Jvion delivers a Cognitive Clinical Success Machine that serves as a high-performance appliance. It activates recommendations that help healthcare providers who need patient-level predictions, prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions produced with unmatched speed, clinical applicability, and patient verity. The machine delivers the action-level recommendations that will best reduce the likelihood of an adverse event. This capability is enabled by a cognitive engine driven by horsepower that is based on more than a quadrillion clinical and non-clinical considerations and tens of thousands of data elements. We apply our more than 150 thousand self-learning Eigen Spheres to this data for each patient in real time to help hundreds of hospitals across the nation reduce target illnesses and diseases. Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine relies on the process of Embodied Cognition to produce patient-specific prioritizations, interventions, and suggestions across more than 50 clinical vectors within two weeks.

One of the reasons Jvion’s solution is independently ranked number one in clinical predictive science is because it delivers a true picture of individual patient risk along with the actions that will lead to better health outcomes. Because Jvion’s machine works as a cognitive appliance, it plugs in directly to the existing Electronic Medical Record/clinical systems to deliver recommendations seamlessly into the workflow. Clinician and care giver adoption of Jvion’s recommendations is accelerated because of the “on-demand” nature of the information. The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine outperforms and outsmarts even the highest performing predictive solutions/approaches available. And this performance hasn’t gone unnoticed; Jvion’s solution has won numerous external awards including designation as the #1 Predictive Provider in Healthcare by Black Book Market Research. http://www.jvion.com

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