Comprehensive Car Insurance Explained. How It Can Help Drivers Save A Lot Of Money

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Comprehensive Car Insurance Explained. How It Can Help Drivers Save A Lot Of Money has released a new blog post that explains the basics of comprehensive car insurance and why drivers should purchase it. 

A vehicle can be wrecked in so many ways not related to a collision. Violent hooligans, rioters and even animals can easily total a car. Only comprehensive insurance will cover such unfortunate events. Now, drivers can get free car insurance quotes, just by using

  •      Comprehensive car insurance will reimburse the drivers for the damaged caused by extreme weather. In many contracts, the drivers will find the term "acts of God". This refers to floods, earthquake, fire, floods or other natural disasters and extreme weather phenomena.  Damage caused by falling debris is also covered under this policy
  •      Damage caused by rioters and vandals is covered. Social and racial tensions remain high in some areas of the United States. Vandalism is also a serious matter. If the car is vandalized or damaged during a riot, the insurer will investigate the case and will reimburse the policyholder.
  •      Comprehensive insurance also covers theft. This policy provides financial compensation if the car is stolen. However, the insurance company will reimburse for the Actual Cash Value (ACV) which is the value of the car at the moment of the theft. It is lower than the purchase value since a car's value is affected by age depreciation. It will not cover undeclared accessories and custom equipment.
  •      Comprehensive coverage uses a deductibles system. This is the amount of money which the insured has to pay before the insurance company starts solving the claim. A high deductible will lower the premiums. But the policyholder must have that sum of money at any given moment.

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