Need Office Naptime? Convince Your Boss With Latest Article from Sleep Junkie

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Blog discusses studies on sleep and work performance while highlighting potential benefits of napping on the job for both workers and employers.

Need Office Naptime? Convince Your Boss With Latest Article from Sleep Junkie

Need Office Naptime? Convince Your Boss With Latest Article from Sleep Junkie

For decades, American business culture has operated on the idea the sleep is for the lazy or weak and workers both at the top and bottom of the ladder have worn exhaustion like badges of honor. However, growing awareness of the importance of rest may be turning the tides as researchers highlight how sleep deprivation can affect worker productivity.

The latest article from blog Sleep Junkie, titled “Connections Between Sleep & Work Performance”, examines recent research on the subject and looks at potential ways to combat performance-reducing fatigue including napping and healthy rest habits.

One of the studies highlighted in the article comes from researchers in the Netherlands, who sought connections between depression and anxiety, sleep, and work performance in their 2013 survey of data from the Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety. Key findings include that people with anxiety or depressive disorders were considerably more likely to have impaired performance and miss work when they slept under 6 hours, and that insomnia also increased chances of performance impairment.

Other supporting research includes a 2012 study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital that demonstrated increasingly reduced work productivity over a period of one month amongst participants that were limited to less than six hours of sleep. Major historical accidents attributed to a lack of rest, drowsy driving dangers, and a detailed article from the Harvard Business Review are also covered.

Sleep Junkie explains that, although rest gets a bad rap in business, the effects of sleep deprivation can range from reduced productivity to major liabilities, which the Better Sleep Council estimates costs businesses $150 billion per year. As companies become savvy to the issues, many have worked to create more rest-friendly environments. The article lists several companies that offer nap pods or relaxation rooms where employees can rest, including tech giants like Google and Zappos, major news outlets like Huffington Post and New York Times, mattress company Amerisleep, and even ice cream connoisseur Ben and Jerry’s.

The article goes on to explain why companies should consider allowing naps, with several supporting statistics showing improved alertness and performance as well as other benefits. For those who cannot enjoy a midday snooze, Sleep Junkie concludes the article with an overview of healthy sleep hygiene practices to help readers mentally prepare for rest and enjoy sleep better through the night. Readers can also find several other articles on subjects of rest and mattress selection on the website. is a blog dedicated to all things sleep, from mattresses, bedding, to research and more. With a focus on making mattress research easier, the website offers independent assessments and reviews of the latest brands and technologies. Readers also enjoy timely updates on mattress-related news and expert help in selecting the best mattress to fit their needs and lifestyle.

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