HVAC Education Challenges Consumers to Invest in Trustworthy HVAC Professionals

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HVAC Education challenged readers to invest in trustworthy HVAC professionals following Portland Press Herald’s January 3rd article, entitled “Yarmouth Town Hall Closes after Losing Heat.”

After the publication of the January 3rd Portland Press Herald article, entitled “Yarmouth Town Hall Closes after Losing Heat,” HVAC Education (or Arizona.HVACED.com) challenged consumers to invest in trustworthy HVAC professionals, rather than relying on a simple phonebook or online listing for HVAC services. As the article can attest, HVAC systems require professionals with the correct HVAC training. Without this training, systems can easily malfunction, causing not only discomfort during more extreme weather, but also causing safety hazards.

Portland Press Herald article, Matt Byrne discussed the HVAC system malfunction in the Yarmouth Town Hall, requiring employees to be sent home while workers struggled to remedy the situation. Though the situation was contained within a relatively short period and no one was hurt, the building’s supervisor acknowledged the potential danger in HVAC system flaws and malfunctions.

Arizona HVAC Education knows that since HVAC systems are electrical (possibly gas) devices, they are prone to malfunctions and are certainly capable of causing an unanticipated spark, resulting in a fire. For this reason, HVAC Education challenged homeowners to conduct thorough research and investigation of available HVAC professionals. Arizona.HVACED.com wants consumers to base their endorsement of an individual or company more on quality and experience than simply looking at cost or expected completion time. While some professionals may offer discounted rates or smaller wait times, HVAC ED believes that a professional without admirable qualifications, including a traceable track record, and customer reviews, may prove a greater source of trouble in the long run. Arizona HVAC Education knows that training in the technical field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning takes time and effort, and only those who have devoted both to their schooling should be considered for professional installations, upgrades, and repairs.

Matt Byrne works as a staff writer for Portland Press Herald, an online and print publication serving Portland, Maine. The site employs a large collection of reporters responsible for updating PortlandPressHerald.com with the latest in Portland news.

HVACED.com knows that homeowners seeking the installation or replacement of an HVAC system are often in the market for the greatest bargain. While this is in no way shameful, HVACED believes that homeowners should exercise care in choosing a contractor or company based solely upon price. When looking for a professional with HVAC training, Arizona HVAC Education urges consumers to look for someone willing to provide past customer references, education details, and a significant level of experience in the field. HVAC ED believes this will reduce the likelihood of a flaw in the installation or repair of a homeowner’s unit, preventing incidents such Yarmouth Town Hall’s closure.

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