Scientel Announces World's Only Content Appliance Developed Under NoSQL DB Thereby Delivering Drastic Performance Improvements

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Scientel’s Content Appliance Greatly Increases Efficiency of Content Management With Application of Gensonix NoSQL DB

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Scientel’s ECMS Content Appliance provides substantial performance efficiency of Content Management through usage of Scientel’s Gensonix NoSQL DB. Powerful, yet comprehensive and fun to use, ECMS starts small and scales to large configuration.

Big data and enterprise grade NoSQL DBs are creating opportunities for organizations of all sizes, enterprises, and government entities to better serve their customers and markets. NoSQL is ideal for sharding support and can support huge, active and growing worldwide communities of intense website users, such as for online shopping, social networks, and other general-usage web environments. Another example is the entertainment industry, where some TV/movie networks use enterprise grade NoSQL for content management to manage and distribute content for their various websites. Other applications of NoSQL-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) are increasing in answer to the exponentially-increasing amounts of data overall, and in most cases are turning into Big Data environments where standard SQL/relational DBs have failed to perform or will fail in future. This is especially true since most of Big Data consists of unstructured data, where NoSQL DBs have an insurmountable long-term advantage over standard SQL content management systems.

As requirements such as complex web applications, huge data storage, document storage and archiving, e-commerce, social media data sifting and storage—as well as collection, storage and crunching of data points from multiple sources including mobile, web and machine—continue to grow exponentially, more and more IT professionals are choosing NoSQL DBs as the way to efficiently handle content of all kinds.

There are many content management systems available, but almost none are NoSQL-based, and are therefore ultimately unsuitable for the increasing Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Variability of Big Data. In addition, all known content management systems are good at managing maybe only 1 or 2 kinds of content management—such as document only or image only, or perhaps combinations of similar specific content types. An ideal solution to the problem of GENERAL content management is Scientel’s Content Appliance, along with the Scientel Enterprise Content Management & Search System (ECMS).

An “appliance” for Content Management in computer terms is ideally a zero administration, complete computer system with comprehensive internal IT-level capabilities that is self sufficient; performs specific, locked-in functions; does not require much maintenance; plugs into and just “sits” on your network; has a small footprint; is attractively priced to fit your budget; and is simple to learn and operate. In other words, essentially a plug-and-play (turnkey) type of a system.

Scientel’s “All-Enterprise, All-Content Management” Appliance and ECMS is effectively a zero-administration, turnkey solution for all Content Management requirements. Scientel’s ECM Appliance is the ideal, most cost-effective, simple to operate tool for organizing, managing, and retrieving content at all organizational levels. Powerful, yet comprehensive and fun to use, it can start small and is highly scalable.

Scientel has integrated its advanced Enterprise Content Management & Search System (ECMS) software into an appliance-type system that operates with unbelievable efficiency, derived from Scientel’s Gensonix® NoSQL DBMS. Gensonix has specific structures for handling various types and lengths of content, a capability totally absent in SQL-based content management systems. Content storage and performance inefficiencies eventually render SQL-based systems counterproductive without NoSQL-based content management structures. Scientel’s ECMS is the world’s only NoSQL-based content management system and is unmatched in performance. Usage of Scientel’s Gensonix NoSQL DB with Scientel’s ECM Appliances drastically improves efficiency of Content Management in all levels of organizations.

About Scientel Information Technology, Inc.

Scientel Information Technology, Inc. is a U.S.-based, international, systems technology company, operational since 1977. Scientel also designs/produces highly optimized high end servers, which can be bundled with its "GENSONIX® ENTERPRISE" DBMS software, as a single-source supplier of complete systems for Big Data environments. Scientel also customizes hardware and software for specific applications resulting in higher performance. Scientel's specialty is advanced NoSQL DBMS design and applications/systems integration for advanced business processes. This includes applications for Big Data, commercial intranets, Supply Chain management, IT consulting, support, etc., along with “beyond mainframe-level” Large Data Warehouse Appliance hardware/systems.

GENSONIX allows very user-friendly data manipulation capabilities found in standard, SQL-based, database management systems, but it goes beyond. It is truly an "ALL-in-One SQL" — an “All Data Management System” in the form of an ultra-flexible, NoSQL DBMS of perfectly general capabilities and application potentials. It can also function in concert with mainline SQL systems to efficiently handle both structured and unstructured data as a large data warehouse repository. However, it can handle heavy database loads by itself with the aid of the GENSONIX NSQL©™ query/procedural language. GENSONIX supports both telnet as well as http interfaces. GENSONIX is capable of handling trillions of rows/transactions for billions of customers, which is a huge advantage in “truly Big Data” structured applications.

Business customers can take advantage of Scientel’s capabilities in advanced Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to grow their business by handling Big Data more cost-effectively and with greater insights to remain competitive. Scientific, government, and similar organizations can use these capabilities to efficiently process Big Data, instead of being swamped by it. And, Scientel’s Enterprise Content Management & Search solutions can vastly simplify storage, access, and management of any kind of digitized data for any size organization.

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