WeGiveWeGrow.com Launches New Crowdfunding Website Combining Capitalism and Charity to Provide Sustainable Social Good

Crowdfunding site offers new twist on typical model: Give to Grow.

New Buffalo, MI (PRWEB) December 11, 2013

A new organization in New Buffalo is changing the model for current crowdfunding, a change designed with built-in structure, that gives something back. “It’s crowdfunding with a sustainable charitable twist. We like to call it charitablism,” says Todd Schubert, co-founder of WeGiveWeGrow.com, a southwest Michigan start-up that follows the template of crowdfunding, the web-based, collective effort of fundraising for project development, but also simultaneously gives back.

Schubert differentiates the platform of the community-based organization from other competitors, describing the double-concept the organization provides for its members. “The dual platform of WeGiveWeGrow.com allows those who join the site to be a 'giver', described as one who specifically donates to an entrepreneurial-based project, or to be a 'grower', a person or entity who has a project to be funded”, Schubert says. “What makes us unique is the fact that our project-growers all give a small percentage back to to the crowd via charitable donations."

Members who join the organization (designated as a “giver”) can designate specific funding to a project or charity of choice. In turn, the project-owner (designated as a “grower”), commits to give a percentage of future profits to a non-profit of their choosing, into perpetuity. “It’s sustainable, social good,” says Schubert. “Everyone wins”.

WeGiveWeGrow.com is currently accepting projects, and accepts members nationwide. Charities listed include those located regionally and nationally.

For more information contact http://www.WeGiveWeGrow.com at (773) 852-7405.


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