Experts at Curly Hair Institute Reveal How to Create Award-Worthy Hairstyles as Seen on the Red Carpets

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The 2014 award season is in full swing and we've selected our favourite hairstyles from the red carpet and reveal how curly hair fans can recreate these Hollywood-inspired looks at home.

Award season is in full swing and the experts at the Curly Hair Institute have compiled their favourite curly hairstyles on the red carpet and reveal how curly hair fans can recreate these Hollywood-inspired looks at home. From casual ‘dos to formal looks, Nicky of Curly Hair Institute highlights this season’s top hair trends and provides easy step-by-step instructions for viewers and lucky attendees to perfect these celebrity-inspired styles— just in time for the Grammy’s and Academy Awards.    

Simple Curls
Inspiration: Julie Delpy at the Critics Choice Awards
How To: Start with wet styling (for this look and all of the looks below)

1. To begin, ensure hair is wet. Add Curl Keeper using the Root Brush from roots to ends. Once complete, tilt head backwards and carefully squish curls from the bottom up, making sure to not damage the shape of the curls.
2. Using a damp towel, tilt head in any direction and scrunch from the bottom up, letting curly hair fall into hands.
3. Give hair some height by grouping hair into large sections, curl locks and pin into place. Leave clips on for 10-15, reposition and leave for another 10 – 15 minutes.
4. Air dry or dry with a diffuser, from the bottom up, never into the curls.

Classic Up-do
Inspiration: Nina Dobrev at the People’s Choice Awards

1. Flip hair forward and gather half up together as if creating a ponytail.
2. With your head bent forward, twist the section into a loose bun. Sit upright and grab the other half (in the front) and twist around the back half. Pin in place.
3. Make sure stray pieces are pulled back and pinned into place.

Messy Bun
Inspiration: Zooey Dechanel and Jared Leto at the Golden Globes

1. Part hair into 3 even sections, one on each side and one in the back. Clip side sections.
2. Take the back section and split into two, clip the top section and create a bun using the bottom section. Clip to hold bun in place.
3. Take the left section, twist it and wrap into a bun overlapping on top of the first bun. Pin in place.
4. Take the right section, twist it and wrap around the first two buns. Continue with each section, twisting and wrapping around the entire bun to create a large messy look. Secure any sections that are falling with pins. Add clips or accessories to make it your own style.

Quick Up-do
Inspiration: Sandra Bullock at the SAG awards

1. Divide hair into 3 even sections: right side, middle and left side. Take the middle section and twist it on top of the head and pin in place.
2. Take the left section, twist it and cross it on to the other wide of the first twisted piece and pin into place. Take the final right section and twist it again and cross it over to the opposite side and pin.
3. Pin any remaining pieces into place. Take the hair on the top of the head twist and pin. Add a decorative hair comb for a sophisticated touch.

Half-Up Half-Down
Inspiration: Abigail Breslin at the Critics Choice Awards

1. Group a large section from the crown of your head, leaving hair on the sides and the bottom half. Twist this section around itself close to the root around your finger and loosely pin it to the top.
2. Take the two side sections that aren’t twisted and loosely continue wrapping it around the first twisted bun and pinning it in place. Keep the front clean as you take one of the side sections and pull it around to the back pinning it on the opposite side, make sure the front hairs are smooth. Do this to both side using lots of pins to secure.
3. Option to sweep the half down part to the side for a more formal look.

Braided Bun
Inspiration: Amy Adams at the Golden Globes

1. Part hair slightly off middle. Take hair to side where part is made. Smooth it out and get a bit of bend and start pinning it back ot hold in place, adding the pins vertically to keep. Repeat this on the other side, making sure all of your hair is now bundled at the back.
2. Gently grab from both sides at the top of where you started and pin and pull up slightly and pin inward on both sides to push the middle together.
3. Split the back in half and take the top half and wrap it around clockwise at the top pinning all the way around to secure it in place.
4. On the bottom section, split into three small sections and take the sections on each side, wrapping it into a bun and pinning it loosely into the top or right below the top bun.
5. Take the middle section that you left down and braid it loosely. Pin into the middle of the bun. Go around and secure the sides tighter by pulling it back slightly and pinning it, getting any stray pieces.
6. Take a small section from the start of your part. Loosely braid this section so it wraps around the front and twine it to the back.

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