East Shore Enterprises/As Seen On TV Productions and Custom Car Docks Have Agreed to Work Together to Help Create the Next Top Selling iPhone Car Docking Mount

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East Shore Enterprises/As Seen On TV Productions, a leading multi-platform product marketing company and online shopping destination, announced that it will work with Custom Car Docks to introduce a highly innovative iPhone car docking mount called the DockNstore that will be introduced this fall in time for the Christmas season.

iPhone car mount also known as iPhone car holder  or iPhone car stand or iPhone car dock or iPhone car docking station. The iPhone car mount helps audio to and from the phone and allows visible navigation, the mount is safe and stylish.

iPhone Car Mount Has 4 Major Features: 1)Mounts your phone with one hand 2)Charges your phone 3) Has Audio Chambers 4) Stores your USB cables

DockNstore has 4 major features built into one mount for an extremly well priced system of $19.95 says Dave Carreon CEO

Custom Car Docks, the developer of the DockNstore, an iPhone car mount recently signed a contract with East Shore Enterprises/ As Seen On TV Productions advertise their mount for this coming Christmas Season. The uniqueness of this product is that it docks your phone, charges your phone, stores the USB cables keeping them off the dash board, as well as have audio chambers to allow the driver to better communicate with an iPhone. Together, these features help keep a driver’s eyes on the road to enhance safety and convenience.

These features are engaged when a driver places the iPhone onto the top of the DockNstore which automatically connects to the vehicle power source. This allows a user to charge and utilize the phone without having to hold onto it while driving. Even moderate users of smart phones have found their phones needing an added charge in the middle of the day and having a mid-day charge is a real benefit to them.

Today most drivers jump into their car and throw their phone into the cup holder or the seat. If a call comes through while they are driving they will answer the call or text, which in many states is illegal, and in all cases distracting while driving. With the DockNstore and the iPhone docked, drivers are free to drive safely and less distracted by the phone. They are in a “hands free” environment. If a driver needs to use the phone they can engage with the phone without having to hold it. In a hands free environment all the user has to do is touch a couple of buttons on the iPhone to make or receive a call or they can activate Apple’s voice recognition software Siri, which is integrated into numerous apps on the phone. By keeping the phone docked the drivers are less likely to take their eyes off the road.

“We have helped build large in-car video and city video projects for years and we are now focused on bringing these safety features and innovation into a citizen’s cars through docking and video technology. The DockNstore is the first of many safety products we plan on delivering to the industry” says Robert Carreon VP of Operations.

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