Delaware, OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Introduces Updated Intervention Program

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An individual trapped in the depths of drug addiction sometimes needs a push toward new choices, and having an intervention is one way. Call 740-200-4745 for a no-cost consultation.

Delaware, OH Alcohol Drug Rehab is introducing an updated intervention program for adults and adolescents living in Delaware, OH and surrounding cities.

An active drug addict just knows one thing: he or she wants a daily fix of their drug of choice. These people already have forgotten about family, work, home life, having good fun, and bright sunshine-filled days. They would rather roam dark alleys and streets, seek out places where the dealers roam, and make deals. Usually, these types of decisions end up offering a momentary relief from pain or anguish, yet can lead to death.

Intervention interrupts this path. Family and friends can do so much encouraging, sending the drug addict to one physician after another or even multiple residential treatment centers. All of these efforts end up feeling empty and giving them a sense of frustration and anger. A professional interventionist knows how to get down to the facts and stop the drug addict's usual way of life. The Delaware, OH facility's expanded program involves having a team of interventionists, led by the chief interventionists, take on cases that no one would touch. The interventionist has a map in place, ready to follow a certain protocol that sets up an intervention. Family and friends are encouraged to participate, and have the intervention itself take place in a friendly environment. As these plans unfold, the drug addict goes about doing his or her daily activities.

Once the intervention takes place, then the drug addict will know where he or she stands with their loved ones. Plain and simple, the drug addict will have two choices. One is to continue using marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills or other medications and addictive substances, yet losing contact and privileges to their car, home and work. The other choice is to listen as family members explain the heartache of watching the addict's live spin out of control, not being able to help, and grasping how much their life is in danger. At that point, the addict chooses to enter residential treatment immediately and begin walking the road to recovery.

Intervention works. It is a proven method and will help when all else fails.

Click here for more information on Delaware, OH Alcohol Drug Rehab. For a free consultation, call 740-200-4745.

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