Healthy Smiles Dental Office Outlines 5 Things to Know About Your Mouth

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Healthy Smiles Dental Office offers the top five things people should know about their mouth to improve dental health.

Dr. Cory Rabonza

We use it every day and yet we find ourselves continually perplexed by how it operates.

“We use it every day and yet we find ourselves continually perplexed by how it operates,” said Dr. Cory Rabonza, spokesperson for Healthy Smiles Dental Office, a family dentistry practice of specialists that offers cosmetic, restorative and reconstructive procedures including implants, root canals and Invisalign. “Some completely shut down their minds on thinking about their mouth, due to the fact that it’s just there. For as long as it works, no need to know more about it, right? Well, not exactly.”

With that said, Rabonza explained that there are five things everyone should know about their mouth. Those five things include: gum disease; bacteria in the mouth; dry mouth; smoking and the possibility of it causing bone loss, and how a beautiful smile increases individuals’ confidence and happiness.

Gum disease, according to Rabonza, may be contagious. Rabonza pointed out that gum disease is caused by a bacteria that inflames the gums. This bacteria can spread through saliva. Therefore, kissing, swapping spit, sharing of utensils can transmit this bacteria to the other individual.

Rabonza went on to note that bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar individuals eat.

Sugar in itself is not the real culprit for the formation of the cavity in your mouth. The bacteria in the mouth feed on carbohydrates eaten. Any debris that remains in between teeth such as a cookie, a candy, a fruit, or even a piece of fruit or vegetable produce an acid in the mouth that combines with saliva, which turns into a plaque. Plaque leads to tooth decay. If it’s not brushed away regularly, it can erode the enamel of the tooth and eventually form a hole on a tooth surface.

Rabonza added that dry mouth should also be a concern since it may cause cavities.

“Saliva is a natural mouth cleanser,” Rabonza said. “It regulates the growth of the flora and fauna in the mouth. It also helps in preventing the formation of plaques that cause cavities. Furthermore, saliva is rich in calcium that strengthens the enamel of the teeth. Since, it is also 98 percent water, it assists in distributing essential nutrients and vitamins to the teeth. That’s why it’s very important to hydrate your mouth regularly. This also prevents bad breath from occurring.”

When it comes to those who smoke, Rabonza revealed that smoking can cause bone loss in one’s mouth.

Smoking lowers the capacity of your immune system to fight infections,” Rabonza said. “This includes gum disease. With smoking, it is difficult for your gums to heal. It also slows down the growth of blood vessels, slowing the healing of a damaged gum tissue. According to studies, about 80 to 90 percent of smokers have a gum disease. Smoking can also give an impression of healthy gums since gums don’t bleed with smoking despite the unstable situation of the gums.”

Rabonza, however, stressed that despite all of the things that could affect a person’s gums, breath, and dental health, she said a beautiful smile increases confidence and happiness.

“Smiling is the quickest way to improve one’s mood,” Rabonza said, smiling. “It is because our brains recognize that fact that if our face smiles, it associates such action with happiness. Now, we have seen people who don’t smile because they are not confident in how their teeth look. Because of this, their mood shifts into the lower scale since they could not freely smile even if they wanted to. That is why, the work that comes with improving a smile is very important. A smile makeover can change a life completely. We have seen people light up and just blossom into a more positive person after getting a smile makeover. For those who feel this way, there is a technology that allows for this beautiful, perfect smile to happen.”

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